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Taken by You

Series: Zander Oaks ,Book #1
Genre: Contemporary




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Lexi Raines doesn’t need any distractions. She’s worked hard to gain all she has achieved. No man has tempted her… at least until the man she saw as her friend and business partner makes her want more. Those sexy gray eyes make her long for all sorts of things that she can’t have.

Jonas Coulter knows he can’t let anyone get close. Lexi is a friend who he can’t possibly want more from. Can he? How is a man to resist a woman who makes him have fantasies of stripping her bare and having her every way imaginable? A woman who he wants to mark as his own so no one else can have her?

When friends learn that sometimes desire doesn’t care about friendships or partnerships and passion can’t be controlled, who will be the first to succumb to being taken?


Warning: Content below is not suitable if under 18.


With impatient strides, she walked across the yard to the stables. Opening the side door, she walked to Indigo’s stall. She was surprised it was empty. A sound came from around the corner. Following the sound, she stopped. Her heart raced while her pussy flooded with wetness. Silken, sweat-soaked, sun-kissed skin moved as Jonas threw hay back and forth. He stopped and wiped his forehead. Suddenly, he stiffened and glanced back. Pale gray eyes impaled her. Mouth dry, Lexi tried to remember how to speak.

He turned to face her, and she clenched her fist as she hungrily took in his bare muscular chest. His nipples were a cherry brown. His muscles were full ridges along his ribs, and his stomach was flat. She wanted to lick his navel and nibble upward to suck his nipples.

“Lex, the horses are outside.” His tone was sharp, capturing her attention.

She met his eyes and saw the sheen of disgust there. Ashamed of her ogling him Lexi stiffened, raised her head and gave him a cold look in return.

“What’re you doing here? I saw your truck going to town.”

“I lent it to somebody.” He shrugged, making his muscles ripple.

She nodded and turned. A barely discernible whisper reached her. Unable to believe what she’d heard, she turned back to face him. Lexi strode forward until she was a hairsbreadth from him.

“What did you say?”

“You should never look at any man like that.” Jonas looked her in the eyes, a challenge on his face.

Fury filled her, but she held it down. “First of all, Coulter, you don’t have any say in what I do.”

“This isn’t about—”

She cut him off. “Coulter, you are out of line.” She poked him in the chest after each word.

His eyes narrowed in reaction.

“Don’t you ever talk to me like that again, or I’ll blacken your eye,” she said. “Do you understand me?” Lexi put her hands on her hips.

“Yes, ma’am,” Jonas replied between clenched teeth.

Lexi glared at him, and then turned to leave.

“Stop looking at me with your hungry eyes.” His voice was silken.

Rage bubbled up in her, overcoming her sense. Turning, Lexi slapped him. She regretted it even before the sound of her hand meeting his flesh had faded from the air. His eyes went glittery with anger and purpose. Fear swelled inside Lexi, and she turned and ran out the door. Rounding the corner, she saw the open door leading outside. Reaching it, she gasped, then screamed as hard arms grabbed her around the waist, wrenching her back inside. The door slammed, and she was jerked backward. Squirming, she scratched at his hands and fought to get free.
Suddenly, she was spun around, and her back hit the wood. She felt the rails and knew she was just inside the doorway of one of the rooms the hands used to sleep in when needed. A hard body pressed against hers. Lexi glanced into furious gray eyes.

“Let me go!” she demanded.

“When I’m ready.” His look was arrogant.

He swooped down and covered her lips with his. Lexi stilled, expecting an assault. Instead, he unraveled her with a tender, sensual teasing of her senses. His tongue swept along her lips, seeking entrance. She gasped, slamming her eyes closed, and he took advantage, stroking his tongue into her mouth. His taste rolled over her. It was sweet, musky, and all man. His arms caged her as his body pressed against hers.


Copyright © Taige Crenshaw an McKenna Jeffries, 2015.

All Rights Reserved.

Taken by You....
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