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Silken Inferno



Series: Phoenix Intelligence Agency, Book #2

Genre: Paranormal/Interracial


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When the past comes calling it brings unexpected revelations that must be faced.


Vaughn Saunders expects his return to Phoenix Intelligence Agency to not be an easy one. He has some unfinished business to settle with Allure his ex-partner and the woman he wants badly. Before they can move forward they have to get past their complicated history. Getting beyond it will be worth the risk… at least for him. She has his heart, body and soul.  He craves Allure’s body and her soul yet does not expect to have her heart since it's already taken by another. Having what she is able to give is all he wants…but does he dare go for it all.


Allure Davis never expected to have to face the one man who she trusted at her back until he betrayed her. His reasoning might have been to save her but with his leaving her she knew she could only depend on her family. Yet in her heart he is part of her family. Vaughn’s return throws her for a tailspin and she has to face not only the past but also her ultimate desire. There is a need burning deep within her soul that only Vaughn can quench.


To bring to strong willed souls together it takes a Silken Inferno, burning to meld them together from now to eternity and beyond …



Warning: Content below is not suitable if under 18.


A tingling sensation overcame her. It was familiar, although it had been eight years since she’d last felt it. At least now she knew why she had felt out of whack and itchy between the shoulders. Allure stiffened but didn’t turn.

“Allure.” His deep baritone vibrated through her, setting off a kaleidoscope of sensation.

She refused to respond. His heat crowded her as he came closer. The usual instinct to move because someone was at her back didn’t come. They had watched each other’s back too often for her to fear him.

“Aren’t you even going to look at me, or at least say hello?” He spoke softly.

Allure raised her head and turned to face him. Too close. She stifled a moan as her body brushed his. Those violet eyes studied her. No one had eyes like his. Deep, mysterious with the ability to see everything. The ability to deceive. His black, unruly shoulder-length curls and his sun-kissed skin only enhanced his eyes. The rugged lines of his face looked even better than they had the last time she’d seen him. He shouldn’t look so good.

“Vaughn,” she said curtly.

She moved to go past him. Vaughn’s hand flashed out. She caught it before it could connect to grip her arm. He quirked an eyebrow, a small smile on his firm lips. Allure released his hand, giving him a warning glance. Vaughn didn’t heed it. Instead he moved deliberately slow, reaching out and gripping her arm. Allure let him, waiting to see what he could possibly have to say.


Copyright © Taige Crenshaw, 2019.

All Rights Reserved.

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