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Silk & Shadows



Genre: Paranormal

Series: Club Immortality, Book #3



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Welcome to Club Immortality where all your desires will be fulfilled. Nothing is taboo and privacy is a guarantee.

Veronica Gunn is surprised by a call from her good friend. Although she would rather spend the night alone as she had planned, Veronica goes to Club Immortality to meet her friend and her new boyfriend. When she gets to the club, she is shocked that an employee party is going on.

As she searches the crowd for her friend, Veronica opens a door and finds herself in a darkened hallway. Closing herself away from the noise, she follows the hall and opens the door to the manager's office. When she sees no one, she turns to leave. A whisper of silk makes her turn and her heart races at the man who detaches from the shadow and stands before her. Harsh need grips her as the man holds up his hand waiting...

As manager of Club Immortality, Zayne has had his share of offers but turns them all away. A loner, he keeps to himself and has no entanglements. He retired from the Htrae Elves, a warrior race, a long time ago.

Along with his retirement, he has given up his need for companionship. Another year alone didn't matter. Until he feels the woman as she enters the doors of the club. He beckons her to him. When the woman finally comes into his office, he sinks into the shadows and watches her. She is sin and temptation, but he must have her no matter the cost. Coming out of the shadows, he raises his hand and waits to see if this woman would take a sensual journey of silk and shadows.

Can a warrior elf find a naughty partner to ease his loneliness and fulfil his needs...

Open the doors and step inside Club Immortality...


Warning: Content below is not suitable if under 18.


Veronica knew there must be some reasonable explanation for them floating above the ground, but she couldn’t seem to care. The first sound of his voice curled around her in a warm embrace. Somehow, his voice came across deeper than him speaking in her thoughts. It resonated through her, making her nipples pebble and her pussy spasm.

“Do you want this, Veronica Gunn?” His voice brushed her mind.

She knew then that she’d been wrong. His voice sounded more sensual and intimate in her mind, like a caress across her bare skin. She bit her lip to stifle a whimper. Lost in his gaze, she felt every inch of him against her--his fingers laced with hers, and the sound of silk billowing in the background. She knew what she wanted, and no matter how improbable it sounded that he was an elf, she didn’t care. Need overrode everything else, and Veronica wanted, just for this night, to let go as he’d said.


The sound of silk rippling became louder and more frantic. Zayne said nothing, but the pleasure gleaming in his eyes said it all. Suddenly, she felt the air rush past her, and the feel of silk brushed her skin. Shifting, she purred at the softness pressed against her back. Zayne pressed her hands back against the wall. Silk slid along her wrists. Glancing up, she saw two pieces detach from the billowing silken wall. Softly, they wrapped around her wrists and flowed down her arms. Tugging she realized they held her softly, but firmly. Strangely, she didn’t feel afraid, just extremely sexy. A hard body pressed against hers. Veronica glanced into heated icy green eyes.

Zayne leaned closer to her and covered her lips with his. Veronica stilled, expecting hunger and need. Instead, he made her weak with a tender, sensual kiss that sent her senses into overdrive. His tongue swept along her lips softly, looking for entrance. With a wanton moan she closed her eyes and opened her lips. The stroke of his tongue into her mouth was commanding. The sweet, decadent taste of him rolled over her. His scent filled her, musky and all man.

His hands ran up her arms covered by silk as he caged her between the wall and his hard body. He rubbed against her, the hard ridge of his shaft abrading her skirt. Trying to open her legs wider, she groaned, frustrated, as her skirt stopped her. Her pussy flooded with wetness. With a moan, she pulled with her hands, trying to hold him. The silk held her steady. Suckling his tongue, she growled and nipped him. His groan of approval vibrated through her. He laved his tongue along hers, setting off a pulse of sensation that went all over her body, from head to foot. Moaning harshly, she shifted against him, wanting more. She needed skin against skin. With a murmur, he pulled back. Confused at why he was stopping, she opened her eyes. The hunger in his gaze made her breath catch.


Copyright © Taige Crenshaw and McKenna Jeffries, 2020.

All Rights Reserved.

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