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Perfect Fit



Series: Singleton, Book #2

Genre: Contemporary



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When your love for someone is tested, how do you get beyond the silence and pain to get back to what made you become an us…?

After a busy day, Regina Jacobs gets home to the empty house she used to share with her husband. The sight of the divorce papers waiting for her devastates her. She loves her husband and although they have not lived together for a while or even really talked, she’d thought they could work it out. She pushes off the hurt and embraces the fury. She won’t give up her ‘us’ without a fight. Determined to reclaim the man who she has known was hers from the time she was a teenager, Regina seeks out her husband—the man who knows her heart, soul and body, and sets each aflame.

Spencer Jacobs knows he is doing the right thing in filing for divorce. It is painful but he knows it is necessary. He loves Regina but sometimes love is not enough. When Regina comes to him after receiving the papers, Spencer doesn’t know what to make of her words that he was giving up so easily on them. He’d already fought for them, and is bruised and battered from the loss of the woman who makes him forget all else but being hers. It will take everything he has to return, and this time he know failure means the end.

Can two people who have let the silence between them linger too long find each other again? It will take opening the wounds that led to the silence and getting back to the basic belief to rebuild what has been broken. For these two there is no one else that matches them. Together they are the other half of a…Perfect Fit.


Warning: Content below is not suitable if under 18.


Regina put down her cup and stood. She strolled towards him, moving with an innate rhythm he’d always found so intoxicating. She stepped into him, pressing close. Automatically, he placed his hands on her hips.

“Had a nice sleep, Spencer.”

Although it wasn’t a question, he answered. “Yes.” He cleared his throat. “It was very restful.”

“I bet.” She studied him, then smiled. “After the show you had.”

Spencer flushed with need. “You knew I was there,” he accused.

“Yes.” Regina straightened his tie. “You said no sex, but nothing about seduction.” She patted his chest. “I like that. I’m good at it.” She rocked against him.

Spencer groaned as she moved on his erection. “Behave, Reggie.”

“You forgot ‘mis’. I’m going to behave, all right. Misbehave. I want you back in my life all the way. Not this partial way with all these rules.” Regina moved her hips again and placed her face close to his, whispering almost on his lips, “Holding out for some belief of being comfortable together is a moot point. I’ve been comfortable with you from the time we met. And even if you deny it, so have you.” She placed her palm flat on his chest, over his heart. “I know your heart and soul. And most assuredly, your body. I know what makes you shiver.”

Spencer shivered.

“What makes you groan just so.” She widened her legs and rotated.

Spencer groaned, shaking.

“And that you belong to me.” Regina grabbed his hair holding him still, her green gaze fierce. “Mine, Spence.”

She slid her hand into his hair, held him firmly and kissed him. Spencer opened wide, moaning. Regina pushed her tongue into his mouth, moving along his, stroking. Spencer gripped her hips, cupping her ass and pulling her against him. He returned her kiss with equal hunger, grunting as she rocked against him. Spencer shuddered, about ready to come in his pants. Regina wrenched away, pulling out of his hold and he stepped forward to get her back.

“Whoa, there.” She put her hand on his chest. “I made my first move. Now it’s your turn to decide what you truly want.” She stepped back, grabbed her purse and briefcase off the stool from by the kitchen island then headed past him. She touched his ass as she did, then said by his ear, “I’m looking forward to our pillow buying excursion.”

Regina chuckled as she left the room. In moments, he heard the front door close. Spencer went to the island and sat, putting his hand on the counter, then under his chin. He slumped forward.

“Damn. I really am screwed.” Spencer rubbed his hands over his eyes then lowered it as he thought of her parting words. The pillow shopping was going to be hell. Not the buying, but what came with it after.

“So screwed.” Spencer rose and went to the door to go to work.


Copyright © Taige Crenshaw, 2020.

All Rights Reserved.

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