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Onyx Moon Rising



Genre: Paranormal

Series: Legend Cove, Book #1



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Legends are born to face a task that will define the world. How they come out of it will resound for all time...


Tashana Rennix is used to being in charge of her own destiny. As a Nefer Investigation Force Agent, more importantly a Nefer Guardian, she makes decisions on a daily basis that affect the balance between life and death. Now faced with a challenge that will test all her abilities, she must fight to save the world, her soul and her life.


Sanjay Callens, a shadow dragon is part of the elite Marltes- dragon warriors. No one will stand in his way as he retrieves the stolen artifacts that were taken from the dragon home world. Being paired with a Nefer Agent who is reckless and a loner is not in his plan. Yet the Onyx Moon has chosen her and he must work with her to save all that he holds dear. All that he believes. For a man accustomed to control and order it will be a challenge. A challenge that is complicated by his desire to claim the warrior woman as his own.


There is an Onyx Moon Rising and the wind whispers that death is coming...


Warning: Content below is not suitable if under 18.


His gaze went silver then crimson. “You’re wrong, Tashana. There will be no more you or me. There will only be us.”

Her eyes narrowed at his arrogance. Turning her back, she walked toward the door. “Screw you.”

“That will come later.” His voice was a silken promise.

“You wish.” She fired back.

“No. My pleasure.” His hand gripped her, spun her around dragging her into his body.

His head dropped swiftly. She could have moved away but she wanted to taste him. His lips settled over hers, but not with aggression as she was bracing for. The aggression she could have taken and walked away. He liquefied her with tenderness. It was soft and gentle. Breaking down her defenses. He bit her on the lip and gasping, she let him in. His tongue delved into her mouth. He stroked gently against her. Murmuring, he pulled her tighter into his body. She felt all of his packed muscular body in delicious detail. She shuddered.

He ran his hand down her side leaving a trail of heat in his wake. Sinking deeper into his arms, she locked her hands in his hair. Sanjay dragged her up and then his lips became demanding, kissing her with the heat she expected. It was a sensual assault of unadulterated, unbridled lust.


Copyright © Taige Crenshaw and McKenna Jeffries, 2019.

All Rights Reserved.

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