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More Than Temptation



Series: Singleton, Book #3

Genre: Contemporary



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When temptation rises, giving in is more than sweet.

Bella Locke works hard at her supper club and doesn’t have time for anything else…or so she thinks. A special event at her club brings Bella to her favourite candy shop where she meets a man who is pure temptation.

Morgan James has a major sweet tooth. Visiting the candy shop for some treats, Morgan runs into a woman whose sweet, smoky voice makes him think of things he would rather not. His life is good, settled—he doesn’t need any complications. He tells her so too.

She leaves him with an invitation to come find her at a supper club. Despite his misgivings, Morgan seeks her out—Bella is pleased to see him and challenges him to take a chance.

They both are swept away into something that could be more than temptation.


Warning: Content below is not suitable if under 18.


Bella waited until he did before she walked closer to the man. “Tasty Devil? I’ve never had it. What’s it taste like?”

“A devilish delight.” The man turned to her. “Strawberry and coconut heaven.”

“Hmmm… My favorite is the Angel Dream.” Bella opened her bag before she took out one of the wrapped candies then held it out. “Has coconut but not strawberry. It’s coconut with pecan, dipped in white chocolate. Tastes delicious.”

“Thank you.” The man took it. “I’ve never tried it. But I will.” He palmed it then held out his hand. “Morgan James.”

“Nice to meet you, Morgan.” Bella slid her hand into his.

Morgan held onto her hand and studied her. Bella didn’t try to get loose, instead waiting to see what he would do. She would be a willing participant in whatever he wanted.

“I have a good life. Nice, settled, and I don’t need any complications. And you have complication written all over you,” Morgan said.

“Really?” Bella glanced down at her orange T-shirt, black jeans and boots then back at him. She chuckled then smiled widely. “I don’t see it, but maybe you can see with your super sight. Well, Mr Morgan James, if you ever decide that you want to get to know complicated ole me, look me up at the supper club I work at.” She stroked her finger along the back of his then slowly disentangled from him. “Nice meeting you.”

She pivoted then walked away.


Copyright © Taige Crenshaw, 2020.

All Rights Reserved.


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