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Indigo Rain



Series: Phoenix Intelligence Agency, Book #1

Genre: Paranormal




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When the legends of old are told, the life of humanity is tied to a book. And in the book is the resting place of the being that can herald Armageddon or our redemption.…

Kalina Erutan does not save anyone. She is usually sent to eliminate the problems. The way she does it is by her own choosing. As an Assassin Agent for the Phoenix Intelligence Agency she lives by a special code of honour. The latest case she takes brings her face to face with her destiny, past and her possible future. Being an Amazonian Warrior she knows what is needed in any battle. Yet this time a wrong decision can mean the end of humanity and all the dimensions beyond.

Ryne Garon is known as the ghost. The most fearsome Assassin Agent until he left and became the co-division head of the tracker unit. His powers as a firebird have saved him and others. Yet when he is faced with the woman who is his destiny he loses all control. No one will stand in his way to claim Kalina Erutan as his own. Not even her aversion to his people. Them being paired together to find the most precious of artifacts that can bring on Armageddon tests all he believes and desires.

There is an Indigo Rain falling, washing the world in fire that will consume them or make them reborn...


Warning: Content below is not suitable if under 18.


Ryne turned his attention back to Kalina. She was silent but there was an answering flare of lust in her eyes. Leaning closer, he put his hand on her bare thigh.

Her pulse in her throat fluttered in reaction, showing her heart rate increasing. He partially lowered his lids and slid his hand up her leg, stopping at the hem of her skirt. He waited to see what she would do. Kalina smiled, a sensuous grin, then leaned into him.

His cock hardened. Her scent of cinnamon and caramel filled his senses. Kalina leaned close enough to almost kiss him. She lowered her focus, raking his body, and it was almost like a physical touch. When she raised her attention to his eyes again, they were burning with hunger.

“Why don’t we get this over with?” Kalina’s whispered words tickled his lips.

His erection throbbed in anticipation. Smoothing his hand farther up her leg, he touched the edge of her lace-topped panty hose then the garter. Ryne shuddered as with his finger he touched the silk. He heard Kalina’s heart rate increase.

She licked her lips.

He leaned over to kiss her.

The cold touch of steel between his legs stilled him.

Kalina smiled, a nasty grin. “Move it or lose it. I may have to work with you, but I still don’t have to like it.”

Cautiously, he lifted his hand off her thigh and sat back. Kalina leant forward, keeping her dagger pressed against his still-hard cock. He could have disarmed her, but instead chose to wait and see what she would do.

Kalina stood slowly, her blade steady and sure against him. She leant down until her lips almost touched his.

“You are a handsome man, Ryne Garon. Then again, I’ve been with handsome men. That won’t get you into my bed. It takes a lot more than a pretty face.” Kalina’s whisper-soft words tickled along his lips.

In the next second, she was across the room and walking to the door. He hadn’t seen her move. He enjoyed the movement of her ass in her skirt. It reminded him of a sensuous rhythm and mesmerised him. It made his body feel…



Horny as hell.

Ryne stared as she reached the door and glanced back at him.

“Are you coming, or are you going to stay there watching my ass all day?” She opened the door before striding out.

Biting back a laugh, he stood and followed her. He went into the hall and found her leaning against the wall, waiting for him.

Ryne strode closer until there was barely any space between them. “Don’t pull a weapon on me again unless you plan to use it,” he growled.

Kalina met his gaze. “When I pull a weapon, I always mean to use it.”

Kalina glanced down then back up at him. Ryne looked down and saw a ‘K’ carved in his pants. Glancing up, he noticed her lips twitch.


Copyright © Taige Crenshaw, 2019.

All Rights Reserved.

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