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Firestorm Encounters



Series: Phoenix Intelligence Agency, Book #5

Genre: Paranormal




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What do you do when you find a man who sets your senses aflame but being with him could cause repercussions?

Kaitya Erutan is finally at ease with her two sides—Amazonian Warrior and Firebird—and she doesn’t need complications. Yet a little quirk of fate makes her realize what she wants. She’s overcome by desire burning through her when she sees him—a man who sets her pulse racing. Sometimes life throws the most pleasurable of curves, and Kaitya isn’t about to let this sexy man go. Be it destiny or something else, she doesn’t care—all she knows is he will be hers—and she his—in every sense of the word.

Fyodor, the Shadow King, has responsibilities to his people who have been displaced by a madman’s plan. Breaking out of the shadow of his father’s deception is a tough undertaking—his focus is on the task and he doesn’t need any distractions. From the moment he arrives at the Phoenix Intelligence Agency, he realizes he might not want anything to shift his attention. But he is about to get it. Kaitya resonates in his shadow and she will not be denied. Not that he could resist her—Kaitya’s deceptively laid-back attitude hides the core of a woman who is as determined and stubborn as he is. Her beauty is surpassed only by the depths of her soul. Kaitya is out to have everything he can give and demand that he go even further.

Each action and choice will change the course of their lives. They will need each other to face whatever comes. When will meets passion it will blaze under firestorm encounters.


Warning: Content below is not suitable if under 18.


Fyodor shimmered into Kaitya’s office. He nodded at the guards and they took their leave. Turning, he held back a smile as he saw the look on her face. Kaitya’s eyes were narrowed and she crossed her arms over her chest where she sat behind her desk.

“Before you yell at me for being overprotective and that you can take care of yourself, I need to do something.” He went to her.

Kaitya rose, her brow wrinkled. “What—?”

He pulled her to him and kissed her. Kaitya tensed briefly then she opened up. At the first taste of her, passion flared through him and he had to have her. Kaitya gripped his shoulder and moaned. Coming back to his senses, Fyodor slowly and reluctantly pulled away. Unable to resist, he kissed her gently once more then stepped back.

“Now you can yell at me.” He smiled.

Kaitya’s passion-glazed gaze cleared then she narrowed her eyes. “After a kiss like that, you want me to talk, much less yell?”

“Note to self, kissing will make Kaitya more agreeable to what you want.”

“Note to Fyodor’s self, don’t bet on it.” Kaitya snorted. “I can yell at you later. Kiss me again.”

“If I kiss you again, I’ll take you. Let me get a little control first then I’ll be happy to kiss you.” Fyodor wet his lips.

“And I’m not disagreeing with having you do that.” Kaitya stared at his lips. “Hell, I’m ready for it.”


Copyright © Taige Crenshaw, 2020.

All Rights Reserved.

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