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Dark Seduction



Series: Dark Legacy, Book #1

Genre: Paranormal



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What happens when a woman who doesn't know how to relax meets a man whose lust for life will change her and make all her deepest desires come to life?

Mia Turner is all about work and she has no time for a personal life. Forced by her business partners to take the vacation time she has accumulated Mia decides to go to Milan . Despite the beauty of the city she cannot forget all the work that she has left at home. Going up onto the rooftop of her hotel she calls to check on what is going on with the business. The unexpected sight of a scrumptious looking man bursting out of stone leaves her shocked and unable to think. Gargoyles couldn’t be real could they? Something about this man compels her to accept his offer to show her around Milan, yet it is the promise of so much more in his eyes that makes her breath catch and her pulse race.

Remy Wilde knows how to work and still have time to enjoy the finer things in life. As the oldest in the Quilez clan he has many obligations and everyone looks to him for decisions. He works as hard as he plays. Â In his downtime he has learned to enjoy each moment. Unlike the sexy, voluptuous and tempting woman on the cell phone who seems not to know how to relax. Bursting out of the stone he encased himself in atop a Milan rooftop Remy is drawn to this woman. He knows he wants her yet he also wants to help her relax and enjoy life. He offers to show her the beauty of Milan. When the woman accepts Remy takes her on a journey of seduction and relaxation however he never expected what fate and the cycles of life have in store for him and this woman he set out to take on a Wilde Seduction.


Warning: Content below is not suitable if under 18.


“It would be my pleasure if you allowed me to show you around Milan , Mia Turner.” His voice dropped deeper.


“I thought you were working,” Mia replied.


“Yes, but since I’m the boss, I can take some time. Besides, working hard should be tempered with play.”


The way he said it gave her all kinds of ideas. Mia studied this sensually tempting man who seemed to have captured all of her senses. He was compelling, and his presence was commanding. She wanted to get to know him better, even if it was a delicious dream.


“Yes, Remy Wilde. I’d like to explore Milan with you.” She said it like a sultry invitation.


Remy’s eyes darkened with a decadent promise she wanted to explore. He came closer, his movement innately sensual. Her pussy flooded with moisture. Maybe with him, she could learn many pleasurable ways to relax.


“Good. We can meet in the lobby tomorrow morning,” Remy said.


Mia blinked, surprised at his response. Since it was her dream, she expected him to at least make a move.


“Sounds good. See you in the morning. Until then.” Mia reached for him and pulled him to her.


His heated body touched hers, making her shudder. A moan spilled from her lips. A sensual laugh rumbled from him. Standing on tiptoe, she kissed him, sliding her hand into his hair. His hands steadied her, curling around her waist. As her eyes closed, she whimpered at the hunger in his gaze. She explored his mouth with her tongue. Licking softly along the roof of his mouth, he hummed as she tangled her tongue with his. Gently, he suckled her tongue, then took over the kiss. He moved against her lips as if she were his.  She melted into his body and let him take her.  He nipped her lips gently. At her gasp, he delved deeper with his tongue, moving with a sensual precision that made her shift restlessly against him. With a firm stroke, he licked along the side of her tongue, and then hummed. Her nipples pebbled, while wetness drenched her aching slit.


A weakness filled her, making her knees buckle. His arms held her up for his taking. With another flick of his tongue, he licked along the roof of her mouth.  Fire raced along its path, then down her throat and straight to her clit. Wild moans bubbled from her. He swallowed them as he continued to master her with his kiss. Mia slowly withdrew from him. She kissed him one last time, softly, then pulled away. Mustering all her strength, she turned and walked to the door, adding more sway to her walk. A little way from him, she stopped and glanced over her shoulder. He was watching her ass. Smiling flirtatiously, she waited until his eyes met hers.


“Have dinner with me tonight?” she asked.


“Yes,” he replied without hesitation.


“Seven o’clock in the hotel restaurant. I’m sure since you own the hotel, you can get us a good table,” she said.


She looked forward and continued across the roof, through the door, and down the hall. Pressing the button for the elevator, she stepped in when it arrived. Pushing the button for her floor, she collapsed against the wall.


“Oh, my God. He’s real. This isn’t a dream.” She shivered, then grinned, straightening. “Hell yeah. He’s real, all right, and I am so going to enjoy relaxing with him. Maybe this vacation was a good idea after all.”


Copyright © Taige Crenshaw and McKenna Jeffries, 2020.

All Rights Reserved.

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