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Burning Touch


Totally Bound

May 2008

ISBN #: 978-1-906590-21-5

Genre: Paranormal (Interracial -BW/WM)

Series: Club Immortality, Book #2

Length: Short Story

Format: E-Book



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Welcome to Club Immortality where all your desires will be fulfilled. Nothing is taboo and privacy is a guarantee.


Kariati I’ausnes didn’t want to go to Club Immortality yet he was talked into it by his brother and cousins. After spending the night avoiding the advances of the women or other beings who felt safe approaching his kind in the confines of the club, but would never get near him outside the club door, Kariati is ready to call it a night. A woman captures his attention entrancing him and invoking his lust. When he approaches her and realises she is human he is shocked that this mere mortal has him in her thrall. Unsure if she can withstand his Urgrimo—the burning touch—Kariati accepts her offer of a dance...yet he knew before the night was done they would share so much more.

On her way home from dinner with friends Halle James doesn’t know what made her enter a mysterious club she has never seen before. The music moves her and she starts to dance when she is captured by a man who is devastating to all her sense. As the stranger joins her in a sizzling dance a long-held fantasy she has fills her mind. In a blink she finds herself experiencing her deepest desires.

Will a Sigrum demon’s need to find the one able to withstand his Urgrimo - the burning touch be fulfilled...

Open the doors and step inside Club Immortality... 


Warning: Content below is not suitable if under 18.


Fire raced down his spine, making him shiver.


Kariati looked over his shoulder.


His breath left him in a rush. He turned away from the door, captivated by the dancing woman. She was lush full figured temptation. Hungrily he took in her bountiful breasts, voluptuous curves and shapely legs. She turned away from him on her high-heeled, caramel-coloured boots. Kariati raised his hand to his mouth and bit his knuckle to stifle a whimper. His mouth watered with the need to lick across her plump rounded ass.


He took a step towards her. The woman turned to face him. She stopped and stared. Closing the distance between them Kariati reached for her with his senses. Shocked, he watched the woman, a human woman, who had captured all his senses. Reaching her, he memorised her delectable honey-toned face, her satiny forehead, rich chocolate brown eyes with sexy lashes, sculptured cheeks, luscious lips, and round chin. The combination was an enticement he was powerless to resist. Leaning into the woman, he inhaled. Her sweet, musky arousal filled his senses. Silent, he pulled her to him. The woman came to him. Swivelling his hips, he felt her body against his. A harsh breath escaped the sensual vixen who had captured him in her thrall. Countering his movement, he held her hips. The woman followed his motions moving against his rapidly hardening erection.


He raised a hand and lifted her long braided dark reddish brown hair from her shoulder. Still moving in time with the music, Kariati lifted the edge of her braid to his cheek and stroked it along his face. He purred at the silkiness against his skin. The woman moaned softly. He put one hand behind her back, pulling her closer to him and smiled.


Halle took a breath. His heady masculine scent cloyed around her, invading her senses. When she had seen the man by the door watching her, she’d been ensnared by his powerful presence. Even from across the room, she had felt his eyes on her almost like a physical touch. He strode towards her with a confident arrogance she had found intoxicating. Each step was like a sexual movement that made her pussy pulse with wetness, preparing for his taking. The closer he came the more she wanted to be in his arms. It wasn’t until he was closer that she saw his face. She’d locked her knees to keep from falling. His sun-kissed skin made her tongue ache to lick every part she could. His thick curly lashes framed his intense blue-green gaze. The hunger in his eyes had almost brought her to her knees. Harsh planes of desire had carved his perfectly put together features—broad forehead, chiselled cheeks, lush lips and slightly pointed chin—into a savage look.


When he had partially closed his eyes and inhaled, she had gone weak. His forceful grip had kept her standing. Her pussy creamed even more at the brush of his hands on her ass. Halle had been powerless to do anything but move in time with the wanton sway of his hips. The length of his cock had rubbed against her slacks, burning a trail of heat. Cuddling into his hard masculine body she noted how they fit together. At her height of six feet it was hard to find a man who was so much taller than her. It created a feeling of fragile feminine awareness she had never experienced before. He had taken her braid and stroked it against his face. She moaned at the purr that rumbled out of his massive chest. His hot hand cupped her back, holding her close.


Reaching up, she grabbed his inky black hair. Whatever held it gave way and his hair covered her fingers. Staring into his eyes she stood on tiptoe and sealed her lips to his. The man’s decadent chuckle filled her mouth.


So soft. His lips are so soft. Murmuring she leaned into him.


Copyright © Taige Crenshaw, 2008.

All Rights Reserved.

Reviews of  Burning Touch...
Melissa at Novel Talk says in part:Taige Crenshaw certainly knows how to heat up those pages. The sexual chemistry between Halle and Kariati is definitely volatile, and the tiniest spark sets off a chain reaction. Be prepared for a titillating ride as BURNING TOUCH is one hot read. This is the first book that I have read by Ms. Crenshaw, and it will not be my last. I am intrigued by the premise of Club Immortality and shall visit it again in the future.
Lynda at Simply Romance Reviews gives SRR Grade A and Outstanding Read! “Taige Crenshaw’s Burning Touch is definitely a conflagration of a story. Having a fire demon for a hero would certainly guarantee a hot read but the characters are interesting and Kariati has definitely met his match with Halle. I definitely recommend this one and look forward to the next book in the series.”


Hayley at Fallen Angels Reviews gives FOUR Angels! She says in part: “I really like this series. Burning Touch is the second edition in Taige Crenshaw’s yummy world of supernatural beings that hit Club Immortality, a night club that makes fantasies come true, a place to find that missing something in their lives. I really like the premise behind these stories, that the night club is almost sentient and knows what each patron needs and when they need it, even if that person doesn’t know it themselves. Kariati was great as a man/demon that thought he was fine just the way he was; he didn’t come to the club seeking anything other than getting his family to leave him alone and stop pestering him to go out with them. Halle was awesome as a woman who has been putting up with the matchmaking attempts of her friends and has reached the end of her patience with these failed attempts to jump start her love life. The connection between the two characters was palpable and Ms. Crenshaw has done a great job of telling the whole story in such a short amount of pages. I can’t wait to see who enters the doors of Club Immortality next!
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