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Body Cravings


Liquid Silver Books

October 2008

ISBN #: 978 14199 12023

Genre: Contemporary/Interracial

Series: Seductive Pursuits, Book #1

Length: Novella

Format: E-Book


A Trescott Cove Novel


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Amara Montgomery is still reeling from the hateful words her now dead fiancée threw at her just before he died. Afraid to go after what she craves she inadvertently propositions a client. What shall she do…  


Jacques Falcone is a man used to being in charge. The out of control feeling he gets around Amara Montgomery is outside his comfort zone. Although he craves her he never expected to get the chance to have her.  With her proposition he knows there is only one thing to do…  


Takes what he craves and let them burn each other up..


Warning: Content below is not suitable if under 18.


Shocked pleasure followed by harsh need filled Amara as she watched his heated amber gaze. Jacques stood in a fluid motion. Hungrily Amara took in his dark brown silk shirt covering his wide shoulders and matching slacks hugging his tapered hips. He stepped around the table to her. Jacques took her hand and raised it to his lips. He watched her as he lowered his lips to her hand. He laid a gentle kiss on the back her hand. Amara shivered in reaction. Jacques let out a chuckle. A soft sensually touchable sound.


He stood keeping hold of her hand and looked at her. The look of possession in his gaze gave her a start. Her heart pounded while her pussy clenched in reaction. In his eyes she saw all they had did and things he wanted to do. Jacques looked at her a sinful smile on his lips. Jacques kissed her. His lips moved over hers with a surety that made her whimper. He laid claim to her leaving no doubt he thought she was his.


Amara moaned and he took advantage driving his tongue in between her lips. She felt his hands come around her. His masculine scent enveloped her tantalizing her senses. Amara locked her hands around his waist clenching her fist in his side. Jacques murmured and ate her mouth. He shifted and pressed against her. At the feel of the hard pillar against her back Amara snapped out of her stupor. Pushing at Jacques she heard him growl.


Instinctively Amara pushed at him again. Jacques arms banded around her tighter. His tongue dueled with hers aggressively. He hummed and pushed it in and out of her mouth. Amara gasped and he swallowed it and groaned. Jacques kiss gentled and he pulled away. Amara swayed over come with need. Jacques held her. She looked in his eyes and saw they were slumberous. Amara swallowed. Jacques eyes dropped and she felt his eyes like a physical touched along her aching breast. Her nipples pebbled even more.


“I have missed you Amara.” Jacques softly accented voice washed over her like decadent cream.


Amara couldn’t speak. Jacques smiled again. His arms still around her shifted and he led her to the chair he had vacated. He seated her gently and his hand trailed along her shoulder. Shivers of heat raised goose bumps along her arms. Jacques sat close, crowding her. Amara took a breath to calm her heart beating a rapid taboo. She shifted and felt the lush wetness soaking her pussy.


“Jacques what are you doing here?” Amara tried to keep the need out of her voice.



Copyright © Taige Crenshaw, 2008.

All Rights Reserved.

Reviews of Body Cravings...
Lakisha at A Romance Review gives FIVE Roses! She says in part: “Readers I Love this book. Taige Crenshaw delivers a smart, interesting story about two people falling in lust then love with each other. Jacques' sexy seduction of Amara will have you on the edge of your seat. When their bodies meet, it is a sexual explosion. Go out and get this book now. Ms. Crenshaw, you go girl. Give me more, more, more!”
Mrs. Giggles at gives a rating of 79! She says in part: “Mara is definitely Jacques' equal - she wants him as much as he wants her. I have to give Ms Crenshaw credit here because she doesn't turn Mara into a stereotypical haughty bitch who ends up being "corrected" into a feminine archetype after having sex with Jacques. Instead, Mara is a pretty realistic character. She's not some over-the-top frigid twit with neurotic tendencies smoking out of her eardrums. What you see in Mara is exactly what you will get, and at the end of the day, she is loved for that.


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