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Blackstone Haven - Vol. 2


Totally Bound

September 2014

ISBN: 9781784301934

Genre: Paranormal/Interracial

Series: Blackstone Haven

Format: Trade Paperback



Includes Books 3 and 4 of the Series


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Power of Enticement

Book three in the Blackstone Haven series.


A man who encompasses both the world of light and dark will engage your senses before you ever meet. His battered soul craves to match with yours.


Grayson Blackstone sees possible futures but cannot see the outcome of her own. After long months away, she’s returned to Blackstone Haven. She has already seen the man who’s hers and comes to him, cloaking her presence. He’s part of the legend that was foretold from her birth. powerofenticement_800_USARevealing the truth of the prophecy sets off a chain of events that will change the very foundation of what she knows. She will enjoy every moment she has with her mate and to hell with what is to come.

Savage Dubhán knows better than most how fate can change on a whim. For his kind, there is only one shadow that matches their soul. He never expects to find his soul mate, that is, until a woman storms into his office. Her brazenness confuses him until she drops her shield and he’s staggered with his destiny. Her family curse will not get her—she is his and nothing will get in his way. Yet, Grayson isn’t a woman who is seeking protection—she can handle herself. Her strength humbles him while her determination sets his soul ablaze.

When the shadows rise, it overcomes legacies, destiny and prophecy and all that is left is… Power of Enticement.

Power of Rhythms

Book Four in the Blackstone Haven series.

Unexpected revelations lead a woman on a path that will change her destiny…

Pandora Zahi is used to being in control of her life—both professionally and more importantly personally. She doesn’t have time for a mate and sure as hell not one she isn’t sure if she’d rather eliminate or kiss. Zyric has her off-kilter and for a Siren, that isn’t a comfortable feeling at all. It’s time for her to take back the power and show Zyric that although he thinks he’s the one in charge, she is. She knows that he still has secrets and she will unearth each one and teach him he should never hide what shouldn’t be hidden.

Zyric has many secrets and in one touch, Pandora unravels most of what he has hidden. With the revelation he is now clear to pursue the one thing he wants above all else—Pandora. He will push through her walls to break that control. He wants to get deep beneath the exterior Pandora portrays to the world to the woman underneath. She is his future and his soul craves hers. However before they can have a future, he must take care of a past wrong that will affect them both. Zyric knows if he was a better man, he would walk away…but he isn’t able to leave the woman who’s his match. Together they will create a melody that resonates under the power of rhythms.

An Excerpt from: Power of Enticement

Warning: Content below is not suitable if under 18.


He stroked his finger down one high cheekbone to the corner of her full lips but stopped before touching them. He wanted to but he resisted, knowing he’d need his head about him when dealing with a woman who had changed his world in moments with her appearance. He moved his hand to the end of her ponytail, which rested over her shoulder and curled to just below her waist. He fingered the edges of her hair rubbing his hands over the hair tie he’d put on. Grayson looked down at what he was doing. She placed her hand over his, running her finger along the knuckle of his thumb.

“Getting to know, huh?” Grayson leaned closer. “Are you a cuddler?”

Savage lifted an eyebrow at her question. “That’s something you will find out…eventually.” He released her braid then gestured to her cup. “Now drink your tea while you tell me where you heard about shadow mates.”

Grayson picked up her cup, blew on the tea then took a sip before she answered. “I get around.”


“Ohhh…how you say my name gives me chills.” Grayson batted her eyelashes. “Say it again but make your voice deeper like so… Grayson.”

“You are going to be a handful.” Savage fought not to laugh. “Stop avoiding and tell me what you know about shadow mate.”

“I’m going to be much more than a handful.” Grayson took another sip of her tea then glanced at him. “Now for what you want to know. When I left here after Peyton fought with the death that stalks us”—she leaned her head to the side—“I assume you know about the family legend and so on?”

“Yes. Wesley and Ian filled us in on the basics,” he said. Wesley was mate to Peyton and Ian to Sinai, two of Grayson’s sisters. “You will fill me in on what I need to know later.” Savage paused then narrowed his eyes. “You think you’re going to be taken next by this demon?”



Copyright © Taige Crenshaw, 2014.

All Rights Reserved.


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