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tcda1Uno Queen Diva…

One of my fondest memories is playing Uno with my family or friends…then crushing them as I win. *snicker* I am a great winner. And if I lose 🙁 well I’m good about it then plan my next win so I can retain my Uno Queen Diva crown. The name Uno Queen Diva and crown (nickname and figurative crown) was given to me by my family. It’s a friendly tease and loads of fun. 🙂

To me Uno is all about having a great time and of course building memories with family and friends. We play Uno at least once when we are all together and each time we build new memories. And of course we have loads of laugh and teasing. 🙂


Did you know there are many types of Uno? There is the original cards version of Uno of course but then there are also many different variations and I have many of them. There are online games, handheld and so on. Yep I have many of those too. And I have played many of them. I have so many fond times tied to Uno and no matter how often we play it is all about the camaraderie between the players.

Now that I’ve shared a little about Uno and my love of the game maybe you also love it too or if there are other games you play share with me on facebook or any of my social media. Or even email me.

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tcda1World Builder

I have a few things I call myself (some I can even share in public. LOL). One of those things I think of myself as is  a World Builder.

tcworldbuilderOne of the things I love most about reading and writing is the world the story is set it. It doesn’t matter if it is contemporary, historical, paranormal, sci-fi, mystery or any other genre build a world that will make me want more. LOL.

This is what makes some books automatic buys. Yes I love the characters but without the world they inhabit they are just a shell of what they can see. Books with a captivating world will make me want to read more. It’s all about the atmosphere that you set. Let me visualize that I am there in that world. Make me imagine that I am actually walking down the street with your characters.

When I create my own worlds in the books that I write I strive for a feeling. The feelings that will make you want to live in the world I created. There are so many intricacies to building a world. You have to engage all the senses. The sounds you hear, scents that make the place familiar, sights that you see, the feel of the place, and the taste of its local cuisine. Once these are engaged it brings richness to the world.

When I build series, I use many factors to create it. I take many parts of history, folklore and other interesting tidbits to create the world of a story. In writing the books, I sink into the myths that I was creating. It’s fun to bring in various things I find fascinating into my writing. When I build, I reveal brick by brick and layer by layer. There are so many beings and things in that world to explore. As I write each book, I have a wonderful time laying down the layers of the world and going on each adventure. The mythology of the world grows with each book.

Whenever I write a new book in any of my series ranging from contemporary to paranormal I’m excited to see where I go next. I get to push boundaries of belief and bring the reader into the journey of the story. Each journey will be a thrill ride as we get to know more of the world I’ve created. I’m having a great time being a World Builder.

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tcda1Rhythm Maker

I have a few things I call myself (some I can even share in public. LOL). One of those things I think of myself as is a Rhythm Maker.

tcrhythmmakerThere is a subtle rhythm that beats when you read. One you probably don’t even notice.

From the first word of any book, you read it pulls you in and takes you on a journey. Each step gives you various beat that resonate within you. That first blush of meeting and the little catch that you get when you read it. The foray of the characters as they do that dance of seduction that keeps your heart racing as you wonder will or won’t they give into that chemistry. Then when they do you your pulse skyrockets with each kiss, caress and thrust as they come together. After you, continue with them on the journey of their affair. The up rhythms of them getting to know each other better after each of their sexual encounters. You laugh at their antics that makes your body move in time with them. That little sound you make as something they do pleases you. The humph as they act the fool. The sway as you enjoys the journey that makes you go up then down and all around with the characters of the story. When an obstacle comes and you clench your fist while your heart breaks, with them as you wonder how can they fix this and the tears fall with the person most devastated after the black moment. When ultimately they triumph over their issues to overcome it all to be together—your soul rejoices and you love it. Joy spread through you making your pulse race. Once done you exhale and that dance is done, at least until the next time you pick up another book.

All books have rhythms that pull you in and brings you within the pages of the story. One that is individual as each of you. No two rhythms you feel are the same. Heck when you reread the book the rhythm changes. I love reading books and how it makes the rhythm of my soul move. And this is what I work for when I write. A rhythm that will resonate in a reader. Make them become part of the fabric of the dance I am creating in my story.

Enjoy the rhythms as the story progresses with the up beats of their dance of seductions then go with the back beat of many rhythms that drives the story to the completion. Embrace the pulse within your soul as I did when I brought their story to life to share with you. I’ve been called everything from writer, author, storyteller and everything in between. I am all those things and so much more. Of all the names I’m called I like to call myself … Rhythm Maker.

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