Below is a listing of some of the things I blog about. These are subject to change at anytime.


What are Teasers?

Teasers are quotes that I find interesting and they make me think. They can range from humorous to serious.


Between the Covers

Between the Covers will random excerpts from my books. I will post excerpts from whichever of my books I chose.



Writerly are posts or articles I’ve written about writing. They can range from craft, my thoughts and many other things that I feel about writing.


Weekly Wrap-Up

Post about what’s going on with my week. 🙂


At random times I also blog about:

Taige’s Office Space
WIP Wednesday
TV Pleasures
On the DVR
Movie Temptations
Ink Motions (Reading)
Grooving (Music)

Cooking with Taige
Creative Pursuits
In my…
– House
– Neighborhood
– City
– Anything I come up with 🙂

This will be various things and so on.


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