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Visual Words

Thursday, October 28th, 2010

In any story the author wants to get the reader invested in what they are reading. When words are complied together they should resonate. What is used is in my opinion visual words.

I have and have heard many readers mention how they got into such and such book. They could see the characters or feel they were in their shoes. This is all invoked by the visual words used by the author. When written well a story will bring to life what you are reading. You can picture it like a movie in your mind. The scenes roll out to you. You are living it and wondering what is happening next.

From each variety of emotion – the pulse pounding excitement of meeting someone to when you think all is lost. Then to getting back together and all in between. It is all driven by the visual words created by the tale you are reading.

If you think about it even before we put started to put pen to paper or type on a computer there were storytellers. And just as author now who use the tools to write pen/paper or type on a computer those storytellers used their words to create visuals. To create epic tales that drew the hearer in. Their words made the listener live, feel and be a part of it. Story telling is all about all the visual. Making the words come to life. They become – Visual Words.

CC Exclusive – Taken by You – A Carden Valley Story – Available Now

Friday, October 1st, 2010

Taken by You by Taige Crenshaw
Crenshaw Café Exclusive
Genre: Contemporary, Western
Length: Novella
Price: Free
Series: Carden Valley ~ Book One
Length: Novella
Format: E-Book
Publication Date: October 2010
Cover art by MMJ Designs

Lexi Raines does not need any distractions. She has worked hard to gain all she has achieved. No man has tempted her… at least until the man she saw as her friend and business partner makes her want more. Those sexy grey eyes make her long for all sorts of things that she could not have.

Jonas Coulter knows he cannot let anyone get close. Lexi is a friend who he cannot possibly want more from. Can he… how is a man to resist a woman who makes him have fantasies of stripping her bare and having her every way imaginable. A woman who he wants to mark as his own so no one else can have her?
When friends learn that sometimes desire doesn’t care about friendships or partnerships and passion cannot be controlled. Who will be the first to succumb to being taken…

Available now exclusive to Crenshaw Café .

As mentioned above this will be a story posted exclusively to my group Crenshaw Café. If you are not a member join the group here Crenshaw Café –

CC Exclusive – Welcome to Carden Valley!

Sunday, September 26th, 2010

For Crenshaw Café my chat group I announced one of the special things I have planned. As many of you know I love to build towns/communities/ families. A while back I wrote a story for the joint group that I am part of. The book was written as a prize only for those readers who attended the launch party. I enjoyed the characters and town so much. Of course they would not leave me alone so from that story I decided to create something just for members of Crenshaw Café. For my chat group members I have the town – Carden Valley. The free books written in Carden Valley will be exclusive to Crenshaw Café members. If there comes a time that changes I will state. For now only members of Crenshaw Café will get the books I write for Carden Valley – the town – exclusively.

This is the intro posted to my yahoo group about Carden Valley.

Welcome to Carden Valley!

When Carden Valley was founded we started it with the tenets – be neighborly, accepting and help the town thrive. Carden Valley has succeeded in following those tenets although sometimes not all of us follow them. We have our idiosyncrasies and things that make us unique. We are a thriving town. Enjoy the atmosphere of our town, meet the residents of Carden Valley – they are real friendly folks, and get an inside view in stories of love, loss and all that comes from life. In each book written by Taige Crenshaw, will bring you deeper into the lives of the residents or visitors to our picturesque town – Carden Valley.

Come on in and rest for a while as you get to know the various people that make up our town…

Carden Valley.

* * * * *

The first book set in Carden Valley will be posted October 1, 2010. This book as mentioned above was written as a prize only for those readers who attended the  launch party of my joint group.

Taken by You will be the first book for the Carden Valley books. Periodically I will be writing exclusive to Crenshaw Café books set in Carden Valley. Right now I do not have any idea of how often or when I will be posting them. These books will be when I get time to write them.

* * * * *

I will post the blurb and cover for Taken by You tomorrow.

As mentioned above this will be a story posted exclusively to my group Crenshaw Café. If you are not a member join the group here Crenshaw Café – .