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Teasers – Believe

Tuesday, May 26th, 2015

To be a great champion you must believe you are the best. If you’re not, pretend you are. ~ Muhammad Ali

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Between the Covers – More Than Temptation

Thursday, May 21st, 2015

Today’s Between the Covers is an excerpt from my book.

Here is a excerpt from More Than Temptation (Singleton, Book # 3). Enjoy.

morethantemptation_800Bella waited until he did before she walked closer to the man. “Tasty Devil? I’ve never had it. What’s it taste like?”

“A devilish delight.” The man turned to her. “Strawberry and coconut heaven.”

“Hmmm… My favorite is the Angel Dream.” Bella opened her bag before she took out one of the wrapped candies then held it out. “Has coconut but not strawberry. It’s coconut with pecan, dipped in white chocolate. Tastes delicious.”

“Thank you.” The man took it. “I’ve never tried it. But I will.” He palmed it then held out his hand. “Morgan James.”

“Nice to meet you, Morgan.” Bella slid her hand into his.

Morgan held onto her hand and studied her. Bella didn’t try to get loose, instead waiting to see what he would do. She would be a willing participant in whatever he wanted.

“I have a good life. Nice, settled, and I don’t need any complications. And you have complication written all over you,” Morgan said.

“Really?” Bella glanced down at her orange T-shirt, black jeans and boots then back at him. She chuckled then smiled widely. “I don’t see it, but maybe you can see with your super sight. Well, Mr Morgan James, if you ever decide that you want to get to know complicated ole me, look me up at the supper club I work at.” She stroked her finger along the back of his then slowly disentangled from him. “Nice meeting you.”

She pivoted then walked away.

Copyright © Taige Crenshaw, 2014.
All Rights Reserved.

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Teasers – Successful

Tuesday, May 19th, 2015

The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather in a lack of will. ~ Vincent T. Lombardi

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Between the Covers – Power of Enticement

Thursday, January 29th, 2015

Today’s Between the Covers is an excerpt from my book.

Here is a excerpt from Power of Enticement (Blackstone Haven, Book # 3). Enjoy.

powerofenticement2He stroked his finger down one high cheekbone to the corner of her full lips but stopped before touching them. He wanted to but he resisted, knowing he’d need his head about him when dealing with a woman who had changed his world in moments with her appearance. He moved his hand to the end of her ponytail, which rested over her shoulder and curled to just below her waist. He fingered the edges of her hair rubbing his hands over the hair tie he’d put on. Grayson looked down at what he was doing. She placed her hand over his, running her finger along the knuckle of his thumb.

“Getting to know, huh?” Grayson leaned closer. “Are you a cuddler?”

Savage lifted an eyebrow at her question. “That’s something you will find out…eventually.” He released her braid then gestured to her cup. “Now drink your tea while you tell me where you heard about shadow mates.”

Grayson picked up her cup, blew on the tea then took a sip before she answered. “I get around.”


“Ohhh…how you say my name gives me chills.” Grayson batted her eyelashes. “Say it again but make your voice deeper like so… Grayson.”

“You are going to be a handful.” Savage fought not to laugh. “Stop avoiding and tell me what you know about shadow mate.”

“I’m going to be much more than a handful.” Grayson took another sip of her tea then glanced at him. “Now for what you want to know. When I left here after Peyton fought with the death that stalks us”—she leaned her head to the side—“I assume you know about the family legend and so on?”

“Yes. Wesley and Ian filled us in on the basics,” he said. Wesley was mate to Peyton and Ian to Sinai, two of Grayson’s sisters. “You will fill me in on what I need to know later.” Savage paused then narrowed his eyes. “You think you’re going to be taken next by this demon?”

Copyright © Taige Crenshaw, 2014.
All Rights Reserved.

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Wednesday, January 28th, 2015

In 2015 I’m restarting a feature I used to do here on the blog. I’m usually asked many questions about my novels and from these questions I have decided to create a feature called


This is an under the covers look inside my novels. You’ll go behind the scenes, inside the mind of the characters, places and so on. So each week – on Wednesday’s (at least for now) I’ll feature one of my books or my WIP {work in progress}. Soon you can check each week for your uncovered look.

Come and join me as we get uncovered….

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Teasers – Good Life

Tuesday, January 27th, 2015

There are three ingredients in the good life: learning, earning and yearning. ~ Christopher Morley

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Ink Motions with Shari Nichols

Monday, January 26th, 2015


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Shari Nichols grew up in a small town in Connecticut where haunted houses, ghosts and Ouija boards were common place, spurring her fascination with all things paranormal. Ever since she read her first Barbara Cartland novel, her life-long dream has been to write sexy, romantic stories. Shari has been married to her own alpha hero for twenty-two years. When she’s not writing, she’s reading, going to the gym, or hanging out with family and friends.

She lives in New Jersey with her husband, two teenagers, and her adoring golden retriever. Shari graduated from Rider University with a degree in Business Administration. After spending several years in the grind of Corporate America, she quit to stay at home with her kids. Now she’s thrilled to spend her days in sweats, eating chocolate while pounding on her keyboard to create her next novel.

Her first book, Witch Hunter is available with Ellora’s Cave Publishing. Her next book, another steamy, romance, will venture into the world of ghosts and haunted inns. Shari is a member of Romance Writers of America, New Jersey Romance Writers, Liberty States Fiction Writers and Fantasy, Futuristic, and Paranormal Romance Writers.


Shari Nichols Links:


Ink Motions Interview/Shari Nichols/ Witch Hunter


How do you get an idea for your novel?

Sometimes I get ideas from watching TV, or movies, reading other romance novels and even dreams. In the case of Witch Hunter, I got the idea for the book from an article I read in the newspaper. In fact, I let the story percolate for years in my head before I actually sat down at the computer. I also spent a lot of time reading Fanfiction, which is a great outlet for ideas.


What is your writing style?

I spend a lot of time creating the characters before I sit down to write. I create pretty involved character sketches, and horoscope charts so that I know the characters personality type pretty well before I begin developing the structure of novel. When I get to the point of actually handing chapters to my critique partners, they will know the character’s so well they will call me out when I make mistakes, like “she or he would never do that,” which is helpful. I also prepare a detailed outline before I start the book.


How many novels have you written?

Witch Hunter is my debut novel, but I’ve written many others that are all in the drawer right now. LOL  I’m currently working on Book 2 in the series. All the same characters and the town are featured in all three books, but the hero and heroine change in each one and find their HEA.


Who’s your writing idol?

I love, Alice Clayton! She just accepted my friend request on FB and I stared at the computer screen grinning like an idiot for ten minutes. LOL. I do love her! I also adore Christina Lauren. Those two ladies are quite a duo. All of their books are so well written and steamy! I cannot get enough. I also love Kresely Cole. She’s a master at creating a very intricate paranormal world.  I’ve read almost every one of her books. I also love Emma Chase!


What is your favorite plot line type?

I love plot lines where the hero and heroine start out disliking each other at first and then grow to become incredibly attracted to one another and then eventually fall in love, despite their differences.  Those kinds of books always pull me in the most! I think I stayed up all night reading Beautiful Bastard!


Is there any advice you can offer to anyone who would like to write?

I would say join a critique group, that’s number one. You’re responsible for other peoples work and they are for yours and it forces you to create deadlines. It’s too easy to put your writing on the back burner when you’re not published. Make writing a priority. I would also say enter contests, despite the fact that the judging can be brutal. It’s also very subjective, having said that, it’s still worth the effort. I’ve gotten great feedback and edited and rewrote my novel from the wonderful suggestions I’ve gotten. I also learned to be a better writer from each contest entry, striving and pushing myself to improve.  Also, I would recommend going to conferences, network with other writers, and put yourself  out there as much as possible. No one understands the writing struggle like other writers. Take classes, online or through your local writing chapter and read, read, and not just fiction, but books on how to write and learn something new every day!


What’s a good villain?

Well I hope readers will like my villain in the sense that they find him scary and his actions quite deplorable. I think the best villains are those that make you feel some type of empathy for them, ones that aren’t all dark. Although my villain appears to have a black soul, there’s still something in him that makes you feel sorry for him. He’s faced trauma like everyone else, which makes him who he is today. And my villain is based on a real crime story


Thank you so much Ink Motions for having me!





Determined MBI (Magickal Bureau of investigations)agent Alex Denopoulos will stop at nothing to catch a killer, including recruit notorious felon, Willow McCray to work for the agency. The lines between duty and passion become blurred the more time he spends with the sultry witch. In the midst of the investigation, they succumb to the dark edges of desire, placing both their lives in danger. Alex will risk more than his badge to keep her alive.

Kick-ass witch Willow must use her powers for good if she wants to stay out of Hellios, a mage prison for those who have broken the Wiccan Rede of ‘Harm ye None.’ Willow never expects to fall so hard for Alex, a mortal with a penchant for justice and a deep seated hatred of witches. Though a future together seems impossible, she doesn’t want to let him go. If only she can vanquish the evil surrounding them and give Alex what he wants, her mind and body-before she loses her heart and maybe her very soul in the process.


Willow took a sip of her margarita and glanced down at Alex’s big hands, tanned and sprinkled with a smattering of dark hair. Funny, she never found a man’s hands sexy. Suddenly her mind filled with images of Alex trailing those big, masculine hands over her body. She wondered if he fit the stereotype. Big hands, big…

“You never did answer my question. Are you considering taking me up on my offer?” The sound of his voice pulled her from a host of fantasies. Willow dug her nails into her palm to get her head back in the game. She shouldn’t be thinking about this man in such a raw, sexual way.

“Why not? My car’s parked in the back.”She probed through the nearby crowd to check if Alex came here with bodyguards. A virtual cacophony of conversations invaded her thoughts, but nothing about protection for Alex. Once she got him alone, she’d take her chances and pray she wouldn’t be outnumbered. “Then let’s get out of here. Unless of course I’ve got some competition.” He   motioned over her shoulder to the incubus whose head now lolled forward over the bar.

“I think you’re flying solo here.” She’d set her trap and let the consequences be damned. She rubbed her finger along the rim of the glass and licked off the salt.

She lifted the glass to her lips, savoring the tangy flavor of margarita mix along with the zing of tequila as it slid down her throat. Headrush. No surprise there, she couldn’t remember the last time she’d slept or eaten in the past forty-eight hours, existing on a combination of raw nerves and pure adrenaline.

“You missed a spot.” He ran his thumb along the seam of her lip. He put it to his mouth and licked. “Mmm, sweet.” Her plan didn’t involve foreplay…but damn he was hot. In another time and another place she would be seriously into this guy. Too bad I might have to kill him.



Between the Covers – Firestorm Encounters

Thursday, January 22nd, 2015

Today’s Between the Covers is an excerpt from my upcoming book.

Here is a excerpt from Firestorm Encounters (Phoenix Intelligence Agency, Book # 5). Enjoy.

firestormencountersFyodor shimmered into Kaitya’s office. He nodded at the guards and they took their leave. Turning, he held back a smile as he saw the look on her face. Kaitya’s eyes were narrowed and she crossed her arms over her chest where she sat behind her desk.

“Before you yell at me for being overprotective and that you can take care of yourself, I need to do something.” He went to her.

Kaitya rose, her brow wrinkled. “What—?”

He pulled her to him and kissed her. Kaitya tensed briefly then she opened up. At the first taste of her, passion flared through him and he had to have her. Kaitya gripped his shoulder and moaned. Coming back to his senses, Fyodor slowly and reluctantly pulled away. Unable to resist, he kissed her gently once more then stepped back.

“Now you can yell at me.” He smiled.

Kaitya’s passion-glazed gaze cleared then she narrowed her eyes. “After a kiss like that, you want me to talk, much less yell?”

“Note to self, kissing will make Kaitya more agreeable to what you want.”

“Note to Fyodor’s self, don’t bet on it.” Kaitya snorted. “I can yell at you later. Kiss me again.”

“If I kiss you again, I’ll take you. Let me get a little control first then I’ll be happy to kiss you.” Fyodor wet his lips.

“And I’m not disagreeing with having you do that.” Kaitya stared at his lips. “Hell, I’m ready for it.”

Copyright © Taige Crenshaw, 2014.
All Rights Reserved.

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Teasers – Together

Tuesday, January 20th, 2015

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much. ~ Helen Keller

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Ink Motions with Allie Ritch

Monday, January 19th, 2015


Allie Ritch is a multi­published author of sizzling sci­fi and paranormal romance. She has an active imagination and enjoys entertaining others through storytelling. Allie lives in her own little world in the Southeastern United States, where she spends time appreciating the ocean and sunshine.



Amazon Author Page:




Ink Motions Interview


How do you get an idea for your novel?


Inspiration for a book can come from anywhere. My SFR novella Switching Positions developed out of a conversation I had with someone, while my shifter romance Tribal Shift was inspired by some nature documentaries I watched. In the case of my newest urban paranormal release, Vampire Territory 1: Drinking Partners, I’ve loved vampire fiction for a long time. I’ve played around with the genre before, but this time I wanted to jump in with both feet and write something with a lot of action.


What is your writing style?  Do you just sit down and write or do you create character sketches, outlines, or notes?


I usually describe my writing process as a game of connect the dots. I get ideas for a bunch of different scenes, and I take lots of notes on those scenes before I start writing. I also type up a cast of characters so that I have the names and relationships lined up. Then, when it comes to connecting those scenes and filling in everything in between, I just sit down and write, winging it as I go. I’m a combination of an outliner and a panster.


Who is the “Writing Muse” in your life? I.E. who gets your juices flowing when you are blocked?


Most of the time when I’m blocked, all I have to do is step away from my computer and go do something routine that doesn’t require much concentration. That can be anything from taking a long walk to brushing my teeth. As soon as I stop trying to force it and my mind relaxes, the creative part of my brain usually kicks in again.


How many novels have you written including all work in progresses you are currently working on?


As Allie Ritch, I’ve written ten novels, four novellas, and three short stories.


Who is your “writing idol”? I.E. Who do you like and what is it about their writing that captures your soul?


My writing idol is Amanda Quick, aka Jayne Ann Krentz, aka Jayne Castle. I love the paranormal elements and suspense in her historical novels that she writes as Amanda Quick. I enjoy those same qualities in her contemporary works as Jayne Ann Krentz. And as a sci-fi fan, I adore the setting of planet Harmony in her Jayne Castle books. Her heroes are sexy, her characters (both the main and the minor) are interesting, and she always has me anxious to turn the page. What’s more, I think she’s a marketing genius. She started a story thread with the Arcane Society back in time with her historical Amanda Quick novels, continued the society through modern times as Jayne Ann Krentz, and then actually sent members of the Arcane Society to another planet in the future with her Jayne Castle books. Incredible!


What is your favorite plot line type?


I’m not sure this is a plot line as much as a theme, but I love stories about characters growing and coming into their own. For instance, a shy character comes out of his/her shell after finding love, someone bitter finally forgives and opens up, or a character embraces a lifestyle or relationship that suits him/her and finds happiness. I just like the idea of people discovering who they really are and fulfilling their potential.


Is there any advice you can offer to anyone who would like to write?


Write what you love. Experiment with different genres and styles if you haven’t found your voice yet, but realize that not every experiment will be a success. Being a writer, much like writing the books themselves, is a journey.


What is a good villain?


A good villain is one whose motives are as understandable as those of the hero and heroine. We readers know why they do what they do even if we hate them for it. A good villain is also memorable. We all remember Sherlock Holmes, but we also don’t forget Professor Moriarty.




Vampire Territory 1: Drinking Partners


Blurb: Being the master vampire for the Mid-Atlantic Territory is a tough job. Between the Human Rebellion trying to kill him with poisonous suicide donors and snobby born vampires bucking his authority, Lucas Thane has his hands full. What he needs is a regular drinking partner to feed from and a bigger power block. He finds both in the form of Alexandra Gage, the master of the territory south of his.


Alex could use a little help herself, but she has no intention of letting Lucas take over. Turned into a vampire against her will, she has had enough control taken from her. She’ll never let Lucas usurp her right to rule, but will she let him steal her heart? Passion ignites between them, and it’s amazing what vampire bodies can do.


An Excerpt from Drinking Partners:

He dropped his hand from her scalp to her arm and slid his fingertips to her inner elbow. “We’ll have to wait until you heal to explore more, but perhaps you’d like a preview of what vampire bodies can do? We have sharper senses than humans. We have better sight, hearing, and smell, of course. And we have a far more acute sense of touch.”


Alex released an embarrassingly loud moan. All he was doing was touching her arm, and her whole body became an open nerve ending. Goosebumps spread across her body and made her shiver in delight. Her sex bloomed for him, spilling moisture onto the crotch of her panties until she was sure he had to feel it through his pant leg.


All rational thought abandoned her when he continued to stroke her skin down to her wrist. With her free hand, she fisted the thick, silky hair at the back of his head and pulled his lips to hers. His mouth was already open to receive her, his tongue quick to follow. Heat exploded between them, more nourishing than the richest blood she’d ever swallowed. It filled her until she felt as if she’d burst.


She’d had no idea she could feel such sexual intensity. Their tongues tangled and dueled for supremacy, and neither of them gave any quarter. The feel of her fangs extending only made her more aggressive. She would have mounted him then and there if he hadn’t held her still on his lap. Then she felt his fangs framing her questing tongue like bookends. The reminder that he was also a vampire—that she was kissing a vampire—slammed into her and made her pull back.


Lucas released her instantly, though he kept her from moving too much and reopening her wounds. He remained still until she stopped panting. She could feel both their heartbeats galloping like they’d come fresh from a battle. In a way, maybe they had.


“It’s all right.” He cupped the side of her head and eased it down to rest on his shoulder. “You’re a sensual woman, Alexandra Gage. I look forward to getting to know you better.”


Loose Id