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Between the Covers – Burning Touch

Thursday, November 20th, 2014

Today’s Between the Covers is an excerpt from my book.

Here is a few lines from Burning Touch (Club Immortality, Book # 2). Enjoy.

BurningTouch_pr2_small1Fire raced down his spine, making him shiver.

Kariati looked over his shoulder.

His breath left him in a rush. He turned away from the door, captivated by the dancing woman. She was lush full figured temptation. Hungrily he took in her bountiful breasts, voluptuous curves and shapely legs. She turned away from him on her high-heeled, caramel-coloured boots. Kariati raised his hand to his mouth and bit his knuckle to stifle a whimper. His mouth watered with the need to lick across her plump rounded ass.

He took a step towards her. The woman turned to face him. She stopped and stared. Closing the distance between them Kariati reached for her with his senses. Shocked, he watched the woman, a human woman, who had captured all his senses. Reaching her, he memorised her delectable honey-toned face, her satiny forehead, rich chocolate brown eyes with sexy lashes, sculptured cheeks, luscious lips, and round chin. The combination was an enticement he was powerless to resist. Leaning into the woman, he inhaled. Her sweet, musky arousal filled his senses. Silent, he pulled her to him. The woman came to him. Swivelling his hips, he felt her body against his. A harsh breath escaped the sensual vixen who had captured him in her thrall. Countering his movement, he held her hips. The woman followed his motions moving against his rapidly hardening erection.

He raised a hand and lifted her long braided dark reddish brown hair from her shoulder. Still moving in time with the music, Kariati lifted the edge of her braid to his cheek and stroked it along his face. He purred at the silkiness against his skin. The woman moaned softly. He put one hand behind her back, pulling her closer to him and smiled.

Halle took a breath. His heady masculine scent cloyed around her, invading her senses. When she had seen the man by the door watching her, she’d been ensnared by his powerful presence. Even from across the room, she had felt his eyes on her almost like a physical touch. He strode towards her with a confident arrogance she had found intoxicating. Each step was like a sexual movement that made her pussy pulse with wetness, preparing for his taking. The closer he came the more she wanted to be in his arms. It wasn’t until he was closer that she saw his face. She’d locked her knees to keep from falling. His sun-kissed skin made her tongue ache to lick every part she could. His thick curly lashes framed his intense blue-green gaze. The hunger in his eyes had almost brought her to her knees. Harsh planes of desire had carved his perfectly put together features—broad forehead, chiselled cheeks, lush lips and slightly pointed chin—into a savage look.

When he had partially closed his eyes and inhaled, she had gone weak. His forceful grip had kept her standing. Her pussy creamed even more at the brush of his hands on her ass. Halle had been powerless to do anything but move in time with the wanton sway of his hips. The length of his cock had rubbed against her slacks, burning a trail of heat. Cuddling into his hard masculine body she noted how they fit together. At her height of six feet it was hard to find a man who was so much taller than her. It created a feeling of fragile feminine awareness she had never experienced before. He had taken her braid and stroked it against his face. She moaned at the purr that rumbled out of his massive chest. His hot hand cupped her back, holding her close.

Reaching up, she grabbed his inky black hair. Whatever held it gave way and his hair covered her fingers. Staring into his eyes she stood on tiptoe and sealed her lips to his. The man’s decadent chuckle filled her mouth.

So soft. His lips are so soft. Murmuring she leaned into him.

Copyright © Taige Crenshaw, 2008.
All Rights Reserved.

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Between the Covers – Firestorm Encounters

Thursday, November 13th, 2014

Today’s Between the Covers is an excerpt from my upcoming book.

Here is a excerpt from Firestorm Encounters (Phoenix Intelligence Agency, Book # 5). Enjoy.

firestormencountersFyodor felt her appear in his house. He slid the chicken onto the plate and set it on the counter before retrieving another plate and starting to fill it.

“Something smells good,” Kaitya said.

“I hope so—after all, I slaved over the stove to make food for my older woman.” He chuckled.

“I see it amuses you that I’m older.” Kaitya sounded closer.

She slid her hand along his back. He pressed into her touch. Turning his head, he looked into her eyes. She lifted her head and he met her, kissing her gently. She made a humming sound then pulled back.

“I see you have your supposed control in place.”

“And from your expression, you’re going to do everything to break it.”

“You betcha, buddy.” She patted his back then went to island and sat on a high-backed stool.

Fyodor chuckled and returned to putting food on the plate. After it was fixed, he set it down then asked, “What do you want to drink?”

“Some iced tea, if you have it.”

“Sure I do.” He went to the fridge to get it then grabbed two glasses.

He set it on the counter between them then took a seat beside her. When he did, Kaitya placed her hand on his thigh. Fyodor stilled then breathed in. That was a mistake, as her scent of wild winds and rain filled him.

“Are you trying to seduce me?”

“You’d know it if I was,” Kaitya said then looked deliberately at her hand on his leg then his face. “Is this bothering you? I did tell you I would touch you when I wanted to.”

“It is fine.” He picked up his fork. “Tell me about your day.”

“I will later.” Kaitya lifted her utensil too. “But first I want to hear about yours—where you went and the Shadowers you visited. I want to know that every time you go somewhere.”


“I need to know the people of my bond shadow.” Her answer pleased him and he filled her in.

Copyright © Taige Crenshaw, 2014.
All Rights Reserved.

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Teasers – Success

Tuesday, November 11th, 2014

One’s best success comes after their greatest disappointments. ~ Henry Ward Beecher

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Between the Covers – Firestorm Encounters

Thursday, November 6th, 2014

Today’s Between the Covers is an excerpt from my upcoming book.

Here is a excerpt from Firestorm Encounters (Phoenix Intelligence Agency, Book # 5). Enjoy.

firestormencountersFyodor shimmered into Kaitya’s office. He nodded at the guards and they took their leave. Turning, he held back a smile as he saw the look on her face. Kaitya’s eyes were narrowed and she crossed her arms over her chest where she sat behind her desk.

“Before you yell at me for being overprotective and that you can take care of yourself, I need to do something.” He went to her.

Kaitya rose, her brow wrinkled. “What—?”

He pulled her to him and kissed her. Kaitya tensed briefly then she opened up. At the first taste of her, passion flared through him and he had to have her. Kaitya gripped his shoulder and moaned. Coming back to his senses, Fyodor slowly and reluctantly pulled away. Unable to resist, he kissed her gently once more then stepped back.

“Now you can yell at me.” He smiled.

Kaitya’s passion-glazed gaze cleared then she narrowed her eyes. “After a kiss like that, you want me to talk, much less yell?”

“Note to self, kissing will make Kaitya more agreeable to what you want.”

“Note to Fyodor’s self, don’t bet on it.” Kaitya snorted. “I can yell at you later. Kiss me again.”

“If I kiss you again, I’ll take you. Let me get a little control first then I’ll be happy to kiss you.” Fyodor wet his lips.

“And I’m not disagreeing with having you do that.” Kaitya stared at his lips. “Hell, I’m ready for it.”

Copyright © Taige Crenshaw, 2014.
All Rights Reserved.

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Teasers – Willing to Do

Tuesday, November 4th, 2014

The person who gets the farthest is generally the one who is willing to do and dare. The sure-thing boat never gets far from shore. ~ Dale Carnegie

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Between the Covers – Indigo Rain

Thursday, October 30th, 2014

Today’s Between the Covers is an excerpt from my book.

Here is a excerpt from Indigo Rain (Phoenix Intelligence Agency, Book # 1). Enjoy.

indigorain_800Her heart raced, although it wasn’t his eyes’ colour that caught her. No, it was the look of cool calculation in his stare. Struggling to breathe, she heard someone come up behind her. She turned slightly to see Christos come in but still kept the man in her line of sight. Kalina flicked her hand, materialising her baton.

Seeing Christos’ expressionless face, she said coldly, “I’m not working with him.”

“Why not? I’ve never even met you.” The man spoke with a smooth, sweet baritone tickling along her senses.

Kalina gave the man resting on the wall her whole attention. “Because you’re a fucking Firebird.”

“You’re a fucking Amazonian Warrior. I should be the one who doesn’t want to work with you.” He shrugged. “And I don’t have a problem with it.”

Kalina stiffened at the insult. She narrowed her eyes, seeing him quirk his lips in response. She tightened her grip on her baton, she thought of throwing it. She marked the place where she wanted to plant it, Kalina stilled herself, trying to calm down. The man, seeing her intent, smirked and she moved her hand before her brain registered the motion. She flung the baton with all her power. He never changed expression as his hand flashed out and caught it with apparent ease. He looked at the baton, then back at her.

“Kalina!” Christos hissed.

Refusing to look at Christos, she kept her attention on the man.

“Leave us,” he ordered without looking at Christos.

With surprise, she heard Christos back out and leave without a word. She’d never known the director to defer to anyone. She stood silently as he flowed in the boneless motion only shifters possessed. He came to stand right in front of her, and Kalina refused to look away from his calm gaze.

“Do you know who I am?” The purr in his voice had a challenging lilt.

Kalina stiffened, saying nothing. She knew who he was, although she had gone out of her way to not get anywhere near him. The man shot a hand out, gripping her chin before she could move.

He remained focused on her, a slight smile on his face. “Say my name, Kalina.”

She refused to give him the satisfaction.

His indigo eyes lit with flames. “Ah, a stubborn one. I like stubborn women.”

Kalina jerked away and glared at him in contempt. “No one told me Ryne Garon thought with his cock.”

The man chuckled. “So, you do know my name.” He leaned into her. “I don’t think with my cock. If I did, I would have you across the table with my dick buried deep inside of you by now. So deep your nails would make me bloody. ” He shrugged. “Then again, I just might do that.”

Kalina stilled the shudder of lust that filled her.

He won’t fool me. It doesn’t matter that being near him turns me on.

Copyright © Taige Crenshaw, 2013.
All Rights Reserved, Total-E-Bound

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Teasers – Trying Again

Tuesday, October 28th, 2014

Unless you’re willing to have a go, fail miserably, and have another go, success won’t happen. ~ Phillip Adams

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Between the Covers – Hurricane

Thursday, October 2nd, 2014

Today’s Between the Covers is a few lines from my book.

Here is a few lines from Hurricane (Singleton, Book # 1). Enjoy.

Julianne wrenched open the door, gesturing for him to leave. Keenan took her silent urging and passed her. Julianne followed. He turned suddenly, crowding her. Gasping, she stepped back instinctively before she caught herself and stood her ground. Scowling, Julianne glared at him.

“I unsettle you.” His grin was smug.

“You startled me,” she retorted.

“Deny it all you want, but you’re intrigued by what there might be between us. I’m a patient man. I can wait until you come around. You have my number. Call me when you change your mind.” Keenan shrugged, turning, then strode away.

Copyright © Taige Crenshaw, 2012.
All Rights Reserved, Total E Bound.

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Teasers – Driscollism

Tuesday, July 15th, 2014

unexpectedencounter_800Today’s Teasers is a little different. I’m gonna use something that I call a ‘Driscollism’. This comes from the hero in my book Unexpected Encounter (Singleton, #4) which releases on this Friday, July 18. In the book my hero says some…lets just say his views on things are interesting. Here is one of the things he said.


When someone tells me I’m going to fail, it makes me even more determined to succeed then flip them off when I do. – said by Driscoll Jacobs from Unexpected Encounter by Taige Crenshaw

I love this Discosllism because one of the things I believe is when something is tough or hard I won’t let it defeat me. I dig in and work harder to get it done.

To read more about Driscoll and his journey to romance Buy Unexpected Encounter here.


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Teasers – Feel

Tuesday, June 3rd, 2014

I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel. ~ Maya Angelou

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