Monday Adventure ~ Cleaning gone awry

ma-cleaningMonday Adventure starts with cleaning supplies, a vacuum cleaner and my MP3 player.

Yeah I know weird. On Sunday I was doing my usual cleaning I did as I do when doing that, I put on my MP3 player to keep me motivated. 🙂

So there I was cleaning and grooving as I go then I was done. Music makes the time go faster. Which is a good thing. And the music made me keep going so I started what I like to think of my ready for Spring cleaning. As in I am so ready to be able to open the windows to some wonderful sunshine and not the cold. So I started the clean of my house. Now usually I plan for this as it takes me a weekend to get things changed over. Go from the heavier linens (bed, curtains and so forth) to the lighter stuff. So you remember I mentioned I started on Sunday. That was one day so yeah I didn’t get everything done. 🙁

And now my house looks like a wreak and I don’t like it one bit. But I know me if I start when I get home from the day job then I’ll be up all night and still not done and have to work in morning. So I’m going to have to bear the mess until this weekend. Then finish my cleaning….maybe. I don’t know if I will last the week with my house a mess.

And now I’ll need to vacuum again. Good thing I like cleaning…well some things I like to clean not all of it. So I’m sitting here watching the mess and thinking of the mess and well….days like this I wish I had a maid. 🙂

That was my adventure for today. What was your Monday Adventure?

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Taige Crenshaw is an multi-published author. She writes novels set in today between people who know what they want and how to get it. As well as in the future of vast universes between beautiful, strange and unique beings with lots of spice and sensuality added to her work.
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