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Today’s Between the Covers is an excerpt from my book.

Here is a excerpt from Dangerous Intent my book in Desiree Holt’s Kindle Worlds The Omega Team series. Enjoy.

taigecrenshaw_dangerousintent1At the same time a bullet lodged into her other shoulder. Since he hadn’t heard it he knew it was from a gun with a silencer. Darryl pivoted going down on one knee and pulling another knife.

“Before you get hurt I suggest you don’t try to knife me,” a sultry melodious voice spoke.

Darryl lifted his head and stared. The woman before his was regal and haughty. She stared at him with golden colored eyes a slight snarl curling her full lips. Her hair a mixture of gold and dark brown framed her honey-toned skin. Her nostrils flared and eyes narrowed. The gun in her hand was steady and trained on him. It looked strange with her dressed in a pale yellow evening gown with a plunging neckline showing off the shadows of the full globes of her breasts. The slit from floor to high upper thigh showed off killer legs. The woman shifted on her open-toed sandals that matched her dress.

“I assume you are wearing Kevlar which is why you aren’t bleeding all over the floor.” The woman strode closer her walk confident. “Now before I shoot you tell me why you’re back here killing off people at my sister’s show.”

“Sister? Who is your sister?”

“I’m the one asking questions, sweetie.” She sneered. “Now before I get cranky answer me.”

The demand for compliance was in her tone. Darryl smiled. He wasn’t one to give into any sort of demand. The woman’s eyes narrowed further. Then she smiled. It was a frightening look as it was so cold.

“I wi—“

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All Rights Reserved.

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