Journey completed….

Almost two years ago, I mentioned vaguely that I was working on something that would take a while to complete. I didn’t go into details then because well I was unsure if I could actually do it. I’m now proud to say it is done and I kicked ass. In 2012, I decided to return to school to get my Master degree. Going back to school after so many years I had to learn to be a student again. :) The journey for my degree was fun, challenging and invigorating. The fun was learning new things since I love to learn. The challenge was getting back into the groove of being a student and juggling all the other things I had to do. Like my writing and other real life obligations. But I did it and pushed on to my goal. The invigorating was going after my goal and each step made me more determined and joyful when I completed it.

The day before Christmas, I finished my last class in my Master program and I am now proud to say that I achieved what I set out to do almost two years ago. Get my Master degree. It was a wonderful Christmas present to myself and a great start to the upcoming new year. After I did the last paper, I called my big sister and we cried, laughed and celebrated my being done. Then I called Aliyah who also knew about my working toward my degree and she was there throughout giving me some swift kicks when I was being doubting. *hugs* Aliyah thanks for being there. Then I crashed.

I was so tired after almost two years of so many things I was doing. I was also a little sad. My reasons are the last time I made my educational journey my mom was by my side when I finished. She was the first call I made once I knew I was done. This time with her not here on earth anymore I was at a lost and sad that she wasn’t here to share this journey with me. But…then I realized she was here spiritually with me and was there cheering me on. She was the one who lifted me up when I doubted if I could do this, the one who helped me push the tiredness away to get what I needed to do done, and the one who is always in my corner. These thoughts made me pick myself up and have a talk with my mom. I did it mentally, out loud and every way I could think of. It made me feel better and I’m now able to share with you all.

I’M DONE! I completed my Master program and have my degree (waiting to get the actually degree in my hands but I am done with the work). I’m very excited and proud. The year is ending and starting on a high note as this one journey I started almost two year is completed. I’m already looking forward to more journeys. :)

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    Congratulations hun. That is a huge thing and takes a strong person to go back to school and complete something so big. My hat is of to you. You should be nothing short of extremely proud of yourself for this. I have though but could not imagine going back to school and trying to balence it with real life. My best wishes to you in what you go on to now.