Snippet Saturday – Hound Dog


Today’s snippet theme is Hound Dog (hero in the dog house). Enjoy a look from one of my books.

An snippet from Dark Callings

“Only to you. We all trust you, Lennox.” Harmony’s tone was gentle.

“Then you all are fools,” he said coolly.

“Don’t get snappish at me.” Harmony’s reply was mild.

“I did no such thing.”

“You didn’t raise your voice, but I know the levels of that cool tone you use on people-”the one that clearly gives away your moods. That was a snap. Don’t do it again.” There was a clear warning in her voice.

Lennox frowned. That she knew him so well surprised and ticked him off. He didn’t appreciate Harmony being so insightful.

“Stop using your abilities on me,” he countered with a warning of his own.

“There we go. Even colder than before. I don’t need to use my seer abilities or empathy on you. You’ve been a disagreeable ass since you came back from Shadow World. I’ve been researching your world, but can’t find much. It’s really fascinating your race is so old and so mysterious. Did you decide about being the second to the king? There’s a training session in a few minutes, but no matter. You’re probably going to hole yourself up in your office, as you have these last few days. You really need to stop being so antisocial- it isn’t good for your health. Maybe I should take you to Medical to check your blood pressure or something.”

“You are giving me a headache.” Lennox sighed long and loud.

“You should be used to my change of topics in mid-conversation by now.” Harmony’s full lips curled in a wider smile.

“I am. But I still have a headache.”

The wicked gleam in her gaze and her smug grin made realisation dawn.

“You do it for spite.”

“Of course. It’s entertaining, watching that vein right there tick. There it goes now.” Harmony pointed.

Lennox glared.

“Loosen up. Answer my question.”

“No. I haven’t decided.”

“That’s not the question I was referring to.”

” I’m not going to Medical,” Lennox said firmly.

Harmony chuckled. “That wasn’t a question, but a promise that if you don’t get your head out of your butt, I’m taking drastic measures.”

He ignored her statement, “You didn’t ask anything else.”

Harmony retorted, “You didn’t listen.”

Lennox rubbed the bridge of his nose. “Ask again,” he said patiently.

“The ‘Harmony, you are trying my patience tone’ is my favourite,” Harmony said cheerfully.

“Ask,” Lennox repeated.

“You’re no fun. I was waiting for the exasperated tone.”

“Harmony,” he growled.

“And there it is.”

Lennox stared, waiting for the question. Harmony’s brow was furrowed. Her full nose wrinkled, and the dimples bracketing her mouth were plainly visible. Just as she could read him, he could read her. The expression was her ‘let’s see how far can we push Lennox’ one.

Copyright © Taige Crenshaw, 2013.
All Rights Reserved, Total E Bound.

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