Snippet Saturday – You Were Always On My Mind


Today’s snippet theme is You Were Always On My Mind. Enjoy a look from one of my books.

godstyletemptation_msr_smallAn snippet from God Style Temptation

Picking up whatever she could get she threw it at him as she stumbled backward. Pots, food and knives—he caught each one effortlessly. Breathless she stopped backing up. The man stopped and watched her waiting to see what she would do next.

Frustrated Aurora screamed. “What the fuck are you?”

He smiled, a nasty little twist of his lips. “Besides the man who saved you pretty little ass from being a popsicle? A god.”

Hearing that Aurora felt fury flash through her. Not stopping to think she headed straight for him. The man’s eyes dropped and he grinned, a devilish quirk of his lips. Realizing she was still naked and he was ogling her Aurora was even angrier. Slowing she added more sway in her hips and watched his eyes light in appreciation. She looked at him and saw his smile widen. Returning his smile she let her hand flash up to deck him. He caught it.

“Uh-huh not that again. You’re such a violent little thing.” The man’s tone was calm.

Ignoring his comment she swung with her other hand. He sighed and caught it too. He raised an eyebrow as if saying “now what”. From how they were standing she estimated he was about six three to her six feet. Jerking her head forward she hit him with it. She felt his nose break, as was her intention. A grim smile curved her lips. He let her go and stepped back. Swinging at him again Aurora found her hand caught. Instinctively she swung with the other. He again caught it then turned her around and pulled them behind her back. Jerking her head back she tried to hit him with her head.

“Shit. Will you calm down?” the man growled.

Straining against his hold Aurora gritted out, “Fuck you, Cupid or Claude or whatever the hell your name is. I have eighty-seven more of those to give you. You mother fu—”

The man sighed and said softly. “I’m not Cupid.”

She stilled and gasped realizing she was plastered against his body. His next word distracted her.

“Although I can relate, why do you want to kick Cupid’s ass?” His tone was matter of fact.

“You’re hurting me. Let me go first.” Aurora demanded although he wasn’t.

He scoffed. “Liar.”

“Let me go.”

“Only if you promise not to hit me again.”

“Fine I won’t hit you again. I only connected twice.” Although it galled her to say it out loud.

The man laughed and his cock rubbed against her ass. Trying to keep still Aurora closed her eyes. She was getting hot over a man she barely knew and she didn’t even know if she liked him. He let her go. Spinning to face him she took a step forward and looked up into his amused chocolate gaze.

“Who the hell are you?”

His smile widened. “Nigel Ha’gan at your service Miss Aurora.”

He sounded very formal but his devilish smile belayed that.

“You’re very formal for someone who is naked?” Then it hit her what he said. “How do you know my name?”

A look of pain flashed through his eyes so fast she almost thought she imagined it.

“I figured since you were ignoring it I’d be a gentleman and do the same.”


He shrugged a graceful movement of his shoulders. “Our nakedness.”

Aurora sighed. “You’re quite a handful aren’t you?” Realizing what she said her eyes automatically dropped and looked at his impressive member. Blushing she turned away from him and mumbled. “Crap, you know what I mean.”

“Now no need to be shy queinlos,” Nigel said the laughter plain in his voice.

“What does queinlos mean?” Aurora asked although she suspected it was something derogatory.

“Little warrior,” he purred.

His answer pleased her. The feel of soft cloth brushed her skin. Glancing down she saw light filtering around her body and a robe in a rich green, the same color as her eyes, covered her. He was now clothed in a similar one in dark brown.

“Thanks.” She winced when she saw his broken nose.

She knew it had to be hurting him. Grabbing his hand she pulled him to the table. He came willingly. She pushed him in the chair. Reaching to check his nose she gasped as his hand stopped her. Again she hadn’t seen him move.

“Don’t be a baby. I just want to check it out. I’m a doctor.” She touched it and he winced.
“Ah man, I’m sorry. She looked for some paper towel and got a bowl of water.

“Sorry you hit me or sorry I’m not Claude?” he asked.

Smiling she replied, “Both,” as she gently cleaned his nose.

Copyright © Taige Crenshaw, 2008.
All Rights Reserved, Ellora’s Cave Publishing, Inc.

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