Snippet Saturday – City as a Setting


Today’s snippet theme is City as a Setting. Enjoy a look from one of my books.

An snippet from Indigo Rain

“PIA Lia, acknowledged. Report immediately to headquarters,” a voice on the com unit replied.

Surprised she didn’t have the usual week off before reporting, Kalina frowned then replied, “Acknowledged. PIA Lia out.”

She broke the connection before she returned the com unit to her belt. She strode behind the foliage, flicked her wrist and brought up her shades. A soft clink made her look down. Surprised, she lifted her hand. The man’s bracelet was now on her wrist. A sense of dread filled her. She hadn’t detected the bangle’s presence. Somehow, the piece of jewellery had got past her shields.

She tugged to remove it, but it wouldn’t budge. She examined it more closely. It appeared to just snap on with a simple closure but she couldn’t pull it free. Narrowing her eyes, she infused her stare with enough power to break even the strongest metals. The bracelet hummed, then the topaz flared. It sucked in her power, yet returned it to her at the same time.

Hearing a noise behind her, Kalina stopped and glanced over her shoulder. The air glowed, accompanied by a popping sound. The speed of everything around her seemed to increase as she spied the teams she had requested beginning to arrive. She stepped deeper into the foliage and put her shades on, then shimmered away.

In moments Kalina transported, cloaking herself so she was invisible, then she returned to form in front of the inconspicuous-looking building that was headquarters. The Phoenix Intelligence Agency looked like any of the other corporate buildings that lined the Wall Street area in New York City. No one knew it housed a secret agency sanctioned by the supernatural government. Only a select few of the human race knew of their existence—the President of the United States wasn’t one of them. He wasn’t in the ‘need to know’ category.

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