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Today’s snippet theme is an emotion. Enjoy a look from one of my books.

onyxmoonrising_smallAn snippet from Onyx Moon Rising

Tashana could feel her strength fading. Slashing out, she took out more Deathwalkers. A Deathwalker rushed her. It got pass past her guard and hit her in the chest. Her one remaining sword she held flew out of her hand. Quickly she called her whip then raised her hand. She hit it back and slashed down with her whip. It disintegrated. Flicking her whip, she took out a few more. Taking a step back, she stumbled over Sanjay and fell on her back. Groaning, she rolled to her side and got to her knees. The Deathwalkers watched her and stalked forward. The Onyx Moon became hot against her skin. Sure in their victory, they closed in. Putting her hand on Sanjay’s chest, Tashana felt his labored breathing.

Looking at him, she felt sorrow well in her. “I’m sorry, Sanjay.”

The Deathwalkers laughed as the man continued to read the scroll. The Deathwalkers reached her, then she saw ice form covering the ones closest to her. A sound whistled in the air and the Deathwalkers shattered. Looking up, Tashana blinked, unsure if she was seeing things. Hundreds of dragons, in every color of the rainbow, came silent on the wind over the treetops. The sight of the massive dragon leading them captured all her attention. It was golden, the tips of its scales and tail were burnt orange. The dragon raised its head and screeched. Then lowered its head and breathed frost. Ice coated the Deathwalkers freezing them in place .

Suddenly, fire rained from the sky. A figure was throwing fire from the dragon’s back. As they got closer, Tashana saw it was Zaila. She had a fierce look on her face throwing fire and light at various intervals. Tashana heard a whistling sound and it took her a moment to realize that it was a whip. Turning her head, her breath caught as she watched Jaynat hanging from the bottom of a purple dragon as she used one of her two whips. Jaynat lashed with her other whip shattering the frozen Deathwalkers. Reaching them, the dragons shifted into men and women, cutting through the Deathwalkers. Covering Sanjay with her body, Tashana listened as the sounds of battle waged around her. After a while, all was silent.

Cautiously she glanced up and saw the area was clear. The Deathwalkers were gone. A golden dragon landed with Zaila still on its back. It shifted into a man and he ran toward them, carrying Zaila. Jerking up, Tashana felt something tugging at her.

“Freitious!” a voice screamed.

The Onyx Moon pulled her across the clearing toward the man who held the scroll. Tashana took her dagger and flung it at him. His eyes widened as it hit him in the chest. He crumpled. She continued to be pulled to him. Reaching him, she collapsed on the ground. A fiery rd sensation filled her then the Onyx Moon pulsed. Screaming, she scrambled to her knees and grabbed at her neck. Ripping it off, she stumbled back as it hit the ground. Black light burst from the ground below the necklace and the earth split and a shape poured out. Rolling out of the way Tashana came up on her knees.

A shape shot into the sky and blocked out the sun. The backwash of power knocked everyone in the clearing off their feet. The dragons in the sky plummeted to Earth. When they hit, the earth shook. Tashana took in the vision of death. The Onyx Dragon. It was true black with no color at all. It raised it head and screeched. The Onyx Moon hung from its neck. Trees lit on fire and the earth stood still. It lowered its head and looked at her. She saw herself reflected in its black gaze. In them, she saw her death and read the truth. When the Onyx Moon pendent was stripped of its power, the power had taken corporeal form before it was put to sleep. It had waited for centuries to be awakened to get its opportunity for vengeance. The power had been created to be used to protect and not harm. Yet according to the wearer of the Onyx Moon, the power was enslaved by their desires. It had been corrupted with each destructive use. Now it was tired of the world and wanted all to die.

Opening its large mouth, the Onyx Dragon turned its head and blew fire, cutting her off from everyone around her. It looked at her again and dove. The wind whispered to her and Tashana heard it. Dropping down, she touched the earth. Power raced through the earth then fire licked up her arms circling her. Standing she looked down at the chains of Terra circling each arm. The earth had given them one of its greatest weapons of protection. The chains were bright white light. Pure and unbreakable.

Looking back up at the Onyx Dragon, she smiled and took off in a run. Using the man as a springboard, she flew up and met the Onyx Dragon. Swinging, Tashana latched the chains of Terra around its neck and used them to pull herself up. It screamed, twisting its head to shake her off. She held on. Reaching its back, she swung herself up and stood. Twirling one of the chains around her fist, she punched down. The Onyx Dragon dipped but didn’t go down. She raised her fist again, then hesitated, tilting her head to hear a whisper on the wind.


Following through, Tashana punched down hard and felt the skin and bone give. The Onyx Dragon plummeted from the sky. Holding on with the other chain, Tashana rode it. Hitting the ground, she jarred as they skidded across the clearing. It shuddered and took its last breath. Suddenly, it shifted beneath her. Standing, legs widespread, Tashana looked down at the woman below her. Her skin was the color of dark oak and the Onyx Moon rested between her naked breasts. Her white hair was spread around her body partially covering her. The woman’s eyes flew open and she gasped. Tashana did not move, just watched her.

The woman looked at her and said, “Finish it.”

Tashana raised her fist and brought it down.

Stopping just above her chest, Tashana said, “No. You’re free. You can control the Onyx Moon now if you choose.”

The woman looked at her. “I want to die.”

“Dying is an easy way out. Redemption builds the soul.”

Stepping over her, Tashana ran to Sanjay. Zaila ran up to them.

“Please help him, Zaila.”

Zaila hook her head. “I can’t. I’m too weak.”

Looking at Zaila, Tashana saw her sway. The man who had been holding Zalia when he landed walked up to her and took some of her weight.

“Let me.” The same man said.

Looking up, Tashana saw the reserved look on the woman’s face. “How can I trust you not to hurt him, Onyx Dragon?”

The woman laughed a bitter sound. “My name is Indigo, and you can’t.”

Copyright © Taige Crenshaw, 2007.
All Rights Reserved, Liquid Silver Books.

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