Between the Covers – Candy Cravings

Today’s Between the Covers is about an idea. It’s a repost from before…hmmm….I am now craving some candy. LOL. I’m prepping the idea to write about the candy shop owner so I’ve been looking at it.

I’ve been having a strong craving for candy. I’m not a bug candy eater. I can go years without eating any. Also I’m not into chocolate. Shocking. I do eat chocolate ever so often but when I crave it is for something else. I know you chocoholics out there are wondering what candy I am craving if not the all-wonderful chocolate.

Okay I will admit it. I am a caramelolics. Yes caramel is one of my fav candy. That nice sweet caramel is calling me. It is a siren call that I have been resisting but I am longing. Badly. Of course because of how much I am craving I have an idea come to me. A candy idea. An idea of someone who makes sweets for a candy shop and what happens when there craving takes on the sweetest temptation. LOL.

Above is how my craving morphed into a story idea that I will be working on soon. Now I’m off to to get some candy for my craving.

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