Snippet Saturday – Beginnings


Today’s snippet theme is Beginnings. Enjoy a look from one of my books.

An snippet from Shadow Dance….

shadowdance2.jpg“You have been messing with me since that first day,” Yadira said.

The woman nodded then whispered in a voice like silken sheets, “Yes. I am sorry but being so close to power has awakened me out of The Eye of Ra.”

Sekhmet,” Dimitri’s tortured whisper reached her, confirming what she suspected.

Yadira saw the pain and joy in his face. Sekhmet reached out for him and he enfolded her into his arms. She was almost as tall as he was. They trembled together. Yadira could see the tears raining down his face as he held Sekhmet in his arms.

Dimitri pulled back looking at Sekhmet. “We thought you were dead. Kianga, they said you were dead.”

Sekhmet looked at him sorrow on her face. “Ahhh, Dimitri I have not heard that name in so long. It is appropriate that the Kianga name lives and lets the Sekhmet name die. I have missed you my brother.”

They embraced again. Dimitri stroked her hair.

“What happened to you?” Dimitri demanded.

Sekhmet looked over at Solaris. “Father contained me in The Eye of Ra.”

Dimitri looked at Solaris and stepped toward him. Sekhmet stopped him gripping his arm.

“No Dimitri. It was the right thing to do. I would have destroyed the world if he hadn’t.” Sekhmet looked at him sadness and regret on her face.

A cold wind blew into the cave whirling the dirt all around. Yadira shielded her gaze then looked at Dimitri who was standing before Sekhmet. He moved and she realized it wasn’t him, but Dominic. Dimitri stood still next to Sekhmet. “Sekhmet.” Dominic said, pain raw in his voice.

He dropped to his knees and rested his head against her bare stomach. The sound of his weeping filled the chamber. He trembled and shook with the force of it. Dimitri rested his hand on Dominic’s head while his arm encircled Sekhmet. Sekhmet looked down at him shock and pain lighting her face.

“Oh Dominic what has happened to you.” She leaned down pulling him closer to her.

He wrapped his arms more tightly around her and continued to weep. Looking up from him she looked at Solaris. “What have you done?”

Solaris looked at her. “Nothing. You must return to me Sekhmet for the sake of humanity.”

Sekhmet looked at him. “You will not contain me in The Eye of Ra again.” Solaris looked at her pain and sorrow in his gaze. “I must.” Raising his hand he shot bluish fire at her.

Pushing away from Dimitri and Dominic she stepped forward to meet it. It curled around her, swirled, then flowed to her mouth. She opened her full lips and sucked it in. Yadira started as a pop filled the air then the flames were gone.

Solaris looked at Sekhmet. “Ahhh daughter, I do not want to destroy you.”

Sekhmet raised her chin. “You will not have to. I will return home with you and fulfill any punishment you deem sufficient.”

Solaris nodded.

Sekhmet,” Dominic cried.

Sekhmet turned to him and touched his cheek. “No Dominic. It is the right thing to do. I am sorry for all the pain I have made you suffer.” Tears rained down her cheeks and she turned to walk to Solaris.

Copyright © Taige Crenshaw, 2007.
All RightsReserved, Ellora’s Cave Publishing, Inc.

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