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A kiss of Wilde Rapture

Sunday, February 12th, 2012

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Wilde Rapture

Series: Wilde ~ Book 2

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An kiss from Wilde Rapture

“How did you find me? What are you doing here?” she snapped.

“I Googled you and found out what precinct you worked out of. Imagine my surprise that you were only a few blocks away from Wilde Hotel. As for why I’m here… I’m an old-fashioned man who likes to say goodbye to my bed partners.” Darius’ tone was mild.

“It was just sex. Just last night. I thought you understood that. No morning after and all that needed.” She ran her fingers through the back of her hair.

Darius reached up and took her hand. He held it in his. With his other, he raised her face and looked her in the eyes.

“I did understand, and I agreed to it for the night. But, in case you didn’t realise, it’s morning. So the night is past. And now I want you to stop running and think about this.”

He kissed her. All thoughts fled from her head. His kiss was soft and more devastating than if he had ravished her. That she could have handled and dismissed. The tenderness unravelled her. Holding her against his solid frame, he seduced her with a kiss. Made her forget all else but being in his arms. Nia sighed, moulding her body to his. Darius made a pleased sound and continued his sensual assault.

Nia gripped his shoulders, moaning. His fingers smoothed under her breasts, making them ache for him to taste them. They hadn’t got to that last night. She wanted him to bite them and suck them until they were sore and well used. Darius pulled back, hands laced loosely around her waist. His blue eyes were possessive and tender. Her pussy flooded even more at the look.

“We don’t even know anything about each other,” she whispered.

“Then get to know me. Be with me, Nia. The choice is yours. Next time you come by, plan on spending the night again. This time, bring a bag so you don’t have to rush away to get ready for work,” he said.

“That isn’t the reason I left,” she admitted.

“I know.” A small smiled curled his lips.

“You make me lose sense. I don’t like it,” she snarled.

“Ditto,” he countered.

Nia paused, biting the inside of her cheek. Darius raised one hand and gently rubbed it against her cheek, stopping her. She turned her head and kissed his palm. He went still. Nia glanced at him. Darius’ eyes were brimming with emotion. She lowered her gaze, not sure what was happening between them.

“When you’re ready, come to me,” he whispered.

Darius released her. Nia raised her head and frowned at his retreating figure.

“Why do I always have to come to you?” she yelled.

He turned to face her, walking backwards. “Because this time it’s your turn.”

Nia scowled. He was right, damn him. If she thought about it, in the alcove he had come to her. Then she had gone to him last night. Now, today, he had come to her. The next move would be hers.

Copyright © Taige Crenshaw, 2012.
All Rights Reserved, Total E Bound.

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